Magic Girl Time

The show is starting ;3 hope you enjoy


1. You Know My Name

Believe in what you can't see

Feel that power inside

Look up at the stars

Stare down a water fountain

Make that wish and blow

Magic is coming....

With my wand I'll dazzle you

Show you the true magic

Become bewitched and bewildered

Make your pulse go crazy

Just keep eyes on me

Nothing up my sleeves

No white rabbit in this hat

But I'll suck you into my wonderland

Make you disappear in thin air

Tame the beast on the chair

This wand can become a whip

Lock me in chains

Throwing away the key

Watch me escape before time itself

Don't worry, no black magic here

Let me be your superstition

Place you into invisiable walls

Creating illusions all around you

But I'm very real

This is my art of magic

Enjoy the show

I use a little of old and new

Take a seat 

This will be a thrilling ride to the otherside.

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