Fighting For Love

Harry Styles bumps into a girl at his school, he then falls in love with her , Then something happens O.O read to find out


1. The Highschool love bump

I was walking in the high school hallway. My best friend was beside me. We talked. Then by body crashed with someone making my history books fall to the ground.I bent over to collect my books. I am so Sorry i`m Harry ,Harry Styles. A good looking kid said to me. It`s okay no problem , I`m Jessica Valarez . I said in complete embarrassment. I collected some of my books , and He gave me the some he collected. He handed me his hand to pull me up. I looked at it and took it. I took his hand and looked into his shimmery green eyes. The glimmer in them was just hot. They were like a never ending green hole of adorableness. You should call me sometime. Harry said with a cheeky smile. Sure Harry  I said. Do You have a piece of paper ? Harry asked me with a lost puppy face expression on. Yeah right here. I said handing him a piece of loose leaf. He wrote: 654-2202 Call me babe;)! Okay I will! I replied. I smiled at the ground and then looked into his beautiful eyes.JUST GO OUT ALREADY ! JESUS! YOUR SO CUTE TOGETHER ! YOU GUYS DID THE CLASSIC HIGH SCHOOL LOVE BUMP AND DIDNT EVEN PLAN IT OUT ! Lexi my best friend yelled. LEX! I yelled. Wha- Lexi was cut off by Harry. Maybe She is right, we should. Harry said with a cheeky wink . He leaned over to make a kissy face just to pretend and then Lexi pushed me making me and Harry crash lips. I was gonna pull back but something came over me that made me not pull back . It felt right , perfect to be suspefic. We heard the bell and thats when the kiss broke. We giggled and laughed about it. my face was probably bright red, like a tomato! Are you new here? I asked him. Yeah yesterday was my first day here. He said to me .We walked side . He then grabbed my hand. ( I LET HIM ROCK!) We walked into 2nd period. I sat next to him.



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