Fighting For Love

Harry Styles bumps into a girl at his school, he then falls in love with her , Then something happens O.O read to find out


2. He Pops The Question :)

The teacher was late like always. Hey what`s your schedule? I said curiously . I looked at it, and then mine. Oh Cool! we have the same classes at the same time! I said enjoying the moment. All of them!?! Harry said with a half smile . Yep isn`t it awesome Harry! I said loudly. Your so damn cute , Your irresistible . Harry said. I then blushed. Thanks Harry , Your cute , I mean REALLY hot yourself. I said to him in reply. He blushed his face was as red as a rose. And then he asked me " Do You Wanna Go Out with me Jessica?" Sure Harry, I wanted to ask but I thought you would say no.I said then I got up from my seat. He did too. I jumped on him and he caught me. He was pressed against the back of the classroom. My legs were wrapped around his waist my lips were pressed against his. Again I felt that perfection, that I had felt before when I kissed him earlier. I pulled back when I heard a grunt . huhuh? I heard Jessica say . Oh sorry. Told you I was right.She added on.I then gave him a hug.Luckily the teacher never came. 3rd through 7th period we talked and sent notes.

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