Fighting For Love

Harry Styles bumps into a girl at his school, he then falls in love with her , Then something happens O.O read to find out


3. At His Flat

Hey Harry ,wanna come over to chill? I asked with a puppy face on. He sighed. I wish but ,I can`t ...... well you can come over to my flat and my mom wouldn`t want to send you home so, you can sleep at my place. he said very smiley. I jumped on his back . He ran  while I was riding on his back.He then released me ,by putting me down. I hopped into his Red Audi .My scrunched hair ,blew in the moist cold wind. We listened to Alicea Keys, John Mayer,Nicki Minaj,Katy Perry and other music. We then arrived at his beautiful luxurious home. Hey can I call you Haz? I asked him. Yeah , only if I can call you Jess , or Jessi? He said with a smirk. Of course Dimples I said to him grappling his cheeks like I was falling off a cliff. Well Haz! The house it gorgeous it`s so big. I said . Well yeah it`s nice.You`ll get used to it. He added on to his sentence.He then pulled into the drive way. It`s so amazing! I added on. I Just Love Cheshire, London. I said to him. I grabbed his face and then kissed his soft delicate lips, with a professional kiss. He pulled the keys from the ignition. I opened my door and then we walked on the marble stone steps to the door. Mom! I`m Home! Harry yelled to his mother so she was notified that he was home. He took his book bag off and placed it by the door. he then slipped mine of my back and put it down slowly. My red high heels clicked on the tiled floor.We entered the kitchen. Mom this,is Jessica . And Jessica this is my mother Anne . he said introducing us to each other. "Hi, Mrs.Styles , I`m Jessica as you know''. I said to his mother with a big smile across my face. ''Hi Jessica ,call me Anne!'' She said."Well Jessica is my girlfriend" . He said and he winked at me. I bit my lip  hoping she would except me . "Well......" Anne Said. Me an Harry looked at each other worried. "Welcome To The Family !" Anne Yelled. Me and Harry Exhaled out of relief. She put her arms out to hug me . I did a quick little walk. I hugged her , and of course Harry was behind me and He grabbed my butt. I gave him a smirk. "Well , I`m making dinner is pasta okay?" His mother asked me . Yes of course , I`m Italian! I said. Me and Harry Went upstairs . I jumped and  flopped on his bed. I laid down with him.I kissed him compassionately , as he did back. I jumped on top of him and he caught me. He put his feet on my stomach and I held myself up by holding hands with him. I leaned in and kissed him.n I then laded down next to him and he kissed my nose. I turned on the flat screen T.V.  I heard rain drops on the window payne.He walked over to close it , as he did. ''Movie babe?'' Harry asked. "The notebook or Titanic ?" I said after noticing the two movies on his dresser. ''What ever you choose Jes'' Harry said. ''Titanic!'' I said. He put in Titanic in his game system. We got under the warm cozy covers. We snuggled close together. At a cute part , I started to cry. ''Babe why are you crying and are you okay love?'' He asked very concerned . His British accent would never get old.

''It`s cute and it reminds me us" I said to him with tears in my hazel eyes. He then said : Infinity and Beyond. Which made me tear up even more. I adjusted myself  to being held in his soft,warm,cozy arms.We than heard foot steps up the stairs. *Knock* Knock* we heard on his door. Come in! Harry said .  She put a foot in and then another. We sat up by pushing my self up with my hands . i adjusted my myself. He rubbed my arm with his warm hand."Well Dinner is on the table" Anne said . "Okay we`ll be there in a minute " Harry said. She exited the room. He took a quick glance at my arm and then looked at my arm again.

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