What would happen if a normal girl with the name of Tabitha, had the chance of a life time? Tabitha had a chance to win a week with a famous British boy band with the name of....ONE DIRECTION!! ;) Read for more details.This story has many love stories maybe you will be with the guy of your dreams in this story ;D


14. Out of the bag

~Harry's P.O.V~

I tried getting a hold of it all, but I just couldn't. Tabitha loved someone else.

"What do you mean?" I asked feeling the tears in my eyes, but just choked them back down.

"I met this guy and we are going out on a date tomorrow.." She said not making eye contact.

"Oh... well... Ok then..." I studdered walking away. Awkward! I started just walking around the house, looking at a vase that was on a shelf in the hallway. It was black and white and looked a lot like a Japanese vase. I knew my sister Gemma would die for it! I miss her so much. The last time I saw her was 5 months ago at an awards show in America. I went to the kitchen to see what kind of food Nicole and her family had, when I saw a note on the counter. It read:

Dear Tabitha,

             I am writing you this to tell you that your due date for your baby is in 2 weeks. So your little angel will be here in any time! Hopefully his/her dad will be there for the birth too, but he IS Harry Styles. So to be honest, I don't see that happening. If you need ANY help with the baby, contact me! 543-667-7532 I'm with you all the way! :)

                                                                                    Your friend,

                                                                                                                             Dr. Olsteen

I got it all now. Tabitha didn't really get an abortion... like she said. I grabbed the letter and ran outside looking for something, or someone. Anyone to get my anger out. I saw Louis ans asked him about it by showing him the letter.

"Did you know?!?" I snapped throwing the letter in his face.

"Hey hey! Harry, calm down!" Louis yelled back putting his hand on my shoulder, while reading the note. 

"No! Not until you answer me!" I was practically screaming in his face.

"She told Liam, Zayn, Niall, and me when we got off the tour bus," Louis spoke softly, trying his best to spare my feelings, "i'm really sorry." I was a huge mess of mixed emotions, mad, sad, happy about the baby, scared of what to do, and I just didn't know what to do. I was debating to either A) Roll up in a big ball and cry my eyes out, or B) go to Tabitha and go off on her.

"Louis, What am I going to do?" I felt the tears build up inside of me, until they were a waterfall pouring down my face.

"I don't know Harry, me personally would go talk to her. And who knows, you two might work out a deal to both be able to see the baby." Louis spoke as if the last part was more of a question, than a statement. This is why I always go to Louis with my problems.

"Thanks dude." I said walking away to find Tabby. I went in the house and peeked through a door with Tabitha with her legs crossed on the bed with Nicole. Nicole was standing up looking in a mirror that was above a dresser, brushing her hair.

"What should I do?" Tabitha asked playing with a Slinky in her hands. 

"Well, you can't keep it a secret forever. What if you go into labor?"  Nicole asked, now moving on to looking at her clothes in the closet.

"I didn't think of that.... I guess i'll go tell Harry now." Tabitha said starting to get up.

"No need. I already know." I said fully coming into the room, giving her the note. She got off the bed and read it and looked up with tears in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry that I didn't tell you! It's just that you didn't want it... and I did." She said, now with the tears pouring down her face. All the other guys came in, and Niall went to Nicole with his arms open wide pulling her in a hug. They both went to the bed, and sat down.

"You WERE right. As soon as we got off the phone, I realized that I was being a big, fat jerk," I went and grabbed her hands in mine,"I wished that I could have gone back in time, and told you that I would be nothing without you! I love you Tabitha."

"I..I...I Love you t-" She started, but I cut her off by my lips crashing into hers. Our tongues were battling for affection, mine winning. Until finally, Zayn cut us off by calling our names.

"Yeah?" we said in unison.

"Get a room!" He yelled laughing. We both just laughed.

"Tabitha... will you be my girlfriend again?" I asked.

"Yes, Harry" She said smiling pecking my lips. But there was only one problem....what about that guy she told me about?


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