What would happen if a normal girl with the name of Tabitha, had the chance of a life time? Tabitha had a chance to win a week with a famous British boy band with the name of....ONE DIRECTION!! ;) Read for more details.This story has many love stories maybe you will be with the guy of your dreams in this story ;D


11. Oh- Man!

~Harry's P.O.V~

I was laying in bed beside Tabitha, when I decided to bring up the subject of management.

"Don't you think that it's a little weird... us laying in bed....together...when you found out that we can't be together." I said with some hesitation.

"Well... Yeah... But-" She drifted off, but I continued her statement.

"But I don't care." I finished. There was a silence, until I broke it.

"I really love you, Tabitha." I told her while stroking her hair behind her ear.

"I really love you too, Harry.... but can't we just do what Niall and Nicole did?" Tabitha asked.

"The thing is... They hid there relationship, and I don't want to hide you. I want to show you out to the world and say, 'This girl is mine' but with a secret relationship I can't do that. I would have to hide you.... And you deserve better." I told her. I slowly kissed her passionately. And as we made out on the bed, It turned into something more. Enough to get a girl.... pregnant. When we got done having sex, we just layed there in each others arms, cudling.

"You are my everything, there's no me without you." Tabitha said with her head on my chest. I just smiled cheeky. Since the door was locked, Liam started nocking.

"One second!" I yelled quickly getting up, and getting my boxers on. Tabitha got her pj's back on, and we let Liam in.

"So... what were you two doing in here? With the door locked?" He asked with a mysterious look on his face.

"Oh, we were just getting Christmas presents together." Tabitha said. Nice save.

"Oh...sure," Liam said," I just wanted to ask about what the plans were for Christmas.... with it being only like one week till Christmas and all."

"Yeah.... I don't know for sure." I said. Just then Paul poped in.

"Hey.. guys? Can I speak to you in.. private?" Paul asked me and Liam. We walked out and Tabitha watched as I walked away.

"I have good news and bad news." Paul said. Me and Liam exchanged a glance.

"Whats the good news?" Liam asked.

"The good news is that you and Harry can date freely." Paul stated with a smile.

"But...? Whats the bad news?" I asked. Knowing management if there is good news, there has to be bad news.

"That One Direction has to go on a Christmas tour thing... starting ASAP." Paul said with his eyes rolling.

"How ASAP?" Liam asked.

"Starting tomorrow... Have your bags packed by 5 a.m. I will go tell the other boys now." Paul said walking away.

"Can you believe this?" I asked Liam.

"Yeah... I can... I knew something like this was going to happen. Every time I get exited about something, something always happens!" He said shaking his head angrily, while walking away. Just as I turned around, Tabitha was right there.

"I heard everything... So when would you get back?" Tab asked.

"After Christmas." I replied.

"Well I got that!" She laughed.

"It is called a Christmas tour." she added, putting infuses on Christmas. I just laughed pulling her in a hug. The next morning I got up at 3 and was ready about 4, and Tabitha was still sleeping. I pulled her hair back, and kissed her forehead. She woke up when I did that.

"Harry... are you leaving?" She asked.

"Yes love." I said.

"Nooo! Don't leave me here with Eleanor!" She laughed. I just laughed and kissed her.

"But if you are leaving..... I want to make it last." She said. She slowly got up and took her clothes off. I did the same and we kissed and did a little something-something. It was about 4:56. So I had to get going. I got down and put my bags in the trunk. Paul went up because it was 5, and Louis was still up there. And that was it. Christmas would be spent on tour, and not with the love of my life, Tabitha.

~Louis's story at 3 o'clock~

I woke up and I saw Eleanor's beautiful face. To be honest I really liked Eleanor, but I don't think she feels the same. I went over to her ,when I got done getting ready, and kissed her. Her eyes fluttered open, and her hands went on my chest. I was expecting her to push away, but she pulled me closer. We kissed untill my alarm I set went off at 4:50.

"Oh, I got to go." I told her.

"Wait! Why did you kiss me?" She asked.

"Because I like you, baby. Ever since I layed eyes on you when I was 17." I said.

"I like you too!" She said with a huge smile that could even make the sun melt.

"Really?" I asked with exitment in my eyes.

"Yes!" She yelled smiling, while geting up from the bed. I kissed her lips with my hands on her neck and cheeks. After I pulled away, I asked her something.

"Eleanor....?" I asked.

"Yes?" She replied.

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" I asked her.

"Oh, Louis! Of course!" Eleanor squealed rapping her arm around my neck.

"Eleanor.... I Love You." I said. She had a shocked look on her face, like I told her I was gay. Just then Paul came in, grabbed my bags, grabbed my arm, and pulled me out. I never got to hear what she said after. It would have to wait until after Christmas, which means after Christmas Eve... my birthday. What a birthday present. When I got to the car, I saw all the boys all in bad moods. Harry and Zayn more sad than mad. Then we were off.

~Zayn's story~

Jodi woke me up at 4:20.

"Zayn, Zayn You over slept!" She yelled. I jumped up and got all my clothes off. Jodi! I forgot Jodi was here! I turned around and she was just staring at me. Even with no clothes on.

"Oh, i'm sorry!" I said picking out some boxers.

"It's fine.... Zayn?" She asked.

"Yes?" I replied. She got up and threw her hands on my upper back and kissed me.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked her still in amazment with the kiss.

"Yes, Zayn. Now get ready!" She laughed. I was ready and I was the first one down at 4:54. then Harry came down and threw his bags down in anger.

"What's up with you?" I asked him.

"This stupid tour, with the stupid management, it's all just.... STUPID!" Harry yelled.

"Hey! Calm down Harry!" Paul yelled.

"Uhh... sorry, i'm just really sad." Harry said. I went over there and hugged him, while he started crying.  He needed the hug. Next to come down was Liam. He was just mad at this whole 'Tour' thing. Then Niall and Nicole came down.

"Hey, Nicole. You aren't supposed to be here." Liam said.

"I was walking Niall down." She smiled. They said there goodbye's and kisses, then Nicole left to go back inside. Then Paul went and got Louis. And we left.


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