What would happen if a normal girl with the name of Tabitha, had the chance of a life time? Tabitha had a chance to win a week with a famous British boy band with the name of....ONE DIRECTION!! ;) Read for more details.This story has many love stories maybe you will be with the guy of your dreams in this story ;D


13. Mystery boy

~9 months later~

~Nicole's P.O.V~

I was over at Tabitha's helping out with her pregnant self. She was 9 months now, and her due date will be anytime now. I still speak to Niall, but with him being famous and me only in my small town in Ohio, it's difficult. Tabitha and I became home schooled. Tabitha was trying to get the cereal that she spilled, but she couldn't get down to the ground. I went and got the broom, and cleaned it up.

"Oh, thanks." Tabitha smiled.

"Your Welcome, anytime!" I smiled. She hugged me, and I hugged back, but not to hard. When me and Tabitha got off the plane 9 months ago, her mom was there to greet us. We got in her car and we started for the house. I meet Tabitha's eyes and I motioned to tell her mom that she was pregnant.

"Ok...." She motioned with her hands.

"Umm.... Mom?" Tabitha asked.

"Yeah?" Tabitha's mom, Jade, said a little annoyed, but I don't know why.

"What would you say if something happened during the week with 1D... I don't know..." She drifted.

"Did you and someone have sex or something?" Her mom asked turning on the road.

"Well.... ughh yes." Tabitha confessed.

"And now let me guess... you are pregnant." Jade stated with a devil stare going on.

"Yes Mother... I am, but I would really hope that you would except the baby and help out... please Mom. I'm reaching out to you." Tabitha begged. Me and Tabitha were in the back of the car and her hand was on the seat in front of her. Her mom just slammed on the brakes and turned around in her seat.

"Tabitha May Harden! Do you know how difficult it was for me when I was pregnant with you at 15?! I'm not going to help out with this baby! This was your mistake, not mine! I told you not to ever get pregnant as a teen or there would be consequences! Now get out of this car." Jade screamed.

"What?" Tabitha yelled bursting in tears.I comforted her the best I could.

"You heard me, get out of this car, and get out of my house! You take your devil of a baby with you, and find a new place to stay!" Jade yelled. She was serious, so me and Tabitha got out of the car, grabbed our luggage, and she sped off. The good thing was that it was an abandoned road, so nobody was coming.

"You can stay with me, at my house till you find your own." I told her pulling her in a hug.

"Thank you so much!" She sobbed.

"Your welcome! I'm sooo sorry for you! I'll call my mom!" I said getting my phone out. I asked my mom to come and get me and Tabby. She came and I told her what happened. Pregnancy and all.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry dear! Stay as long as you like!" My mom Cara said almost in tears about everything.

"Thank you so much... for everything." Tabitha said. She got her stuff back the next day, and she has been with me ever since.

"Hey pregnant lady!" I yelled.

"Yess?" She hissed.

"Are you hungry?" I asked.

"Do you have to ask?" She raised one of her eye brows. I got her some chips, and I sat beside her while turning on the TV.

"-And the British/ Irish boy-band known as One Direction, Are coming down to Ohio for a concert on September 5th, 2013. They are said to be playing for Niall Horan's Birthday and he got to choose where they got to play, and he chose Ohio for what is known as for his girlfriend Nicole Anderson. Nicole lives in Ohio with Harry Styles's ex, Tabitha Harden. Will this be too much for Harry? One of his best friends dating his ex's best friend? Find out after the break, with an interview from Harry him-self!" The news-women spoke with a wink.

"So do you want to find out?" I said in a mocking voice.

"Yes I do actually..." Tabitha said.

"Oh... well it's back on after the break!" I said still making fun of the news lady. A few mins later the news came back on and it went to Harry sitting on a lawn chair in a very beautiful garden outside the local news building, and there were flowers all over the place.

"So, Harry...What is your favorite part of One Direction?" The news lady asked.

"There are so many, I can't choose!" He laughed, and then she laughed with him. Later on in the interview, that was going on live, she asked a question...

"Harry, have you gotten any girls pregnant before?" She asked.

"Yes I have actually, but she got an a-ab-abortion..." Harry stumbled.

"Do you wish that you could still have the little baby today?" She asked.

"More than anything in the world..." Harry looked down with his eyes locked on a very pretty flower in his hands, and that was a hint of 'subject change'. So she quickly did, to the concert coming up. I looked over at Tabby and she rolled her eyes.

"So what if they are coming to our town... just means that i'll get to see my boys again!" She smiled.

"Ok..." I said rolling my eyes.

"I'm going to go for a walk." Tabitha said getting up from the couch. I got up to and followed her.

"Why do you need to get a walk?" I asked confused.

"Because I need some fresh air." She said, walking around on the sidewalk. We walked into this music store with instruments all over the place. I was looking at the guitars on the walls. Tabitha went to the piano's that were sectioned off in another room.

~Tabitha's P.O.V~

I was walking around and I had the big 1D hoodie on, so you wouldn't notice my tummy, blue jeans, a cute purse, and black and white Converse. I didn't pay attention behind me because this guy bumped into me. He spun around and so did I. Our eyes met and he was the cutest thing I had ever seen. He had black hair and his bangs, with a wave at the end, went down to his dark, perfect eye brows. He was a little taller than me, and he had the prettiest brown eyes. He was wearing a long sleeve grey shirt with a black fabric jacket without sleeves. Some blackish pants on, a hat, and black and white Converse just like mine. When we bumped into each other my purse went flying and his hat fell off.

"I am soo sorry! It was all my fault!" The mystery boy said, grabbing my purse from across the room and giving it back to me.

"I'm sorry! No, No it wasn't your fault, I didn't check were I was going... sorry." I said picking up his hat. I went to give it to him, but he wouldn't take it.

"No, you keep it." He winked at me.

"Why? It's it your hat.... so take it!" I joked, sticking my hand out to give it to him.

"Nope.... keep it." He said, then he grabbed my hand softly and slowly pushed it to me. And we just stood there almost holding hands.

"What's your name?" I asked staring in his eyes.

"Riley... what's yours?" Riley asked. I guess he was new around here, because everyone knew who I was.

"Tabitha." I said.

"That is a beautiful name... almost as beautiful as you." He said. Then he kissed my cheek, while holding my hands. He slowly let go of my hands, and I didn't even see Nicole walk up. To be honest I didn't see anybody but him. Nicole gave me that look like 'He's cute! Good job!'. I just gave her that look like 'I know right!'.

"Oh, I have to go! But I just want to know... do you have a boyfriend?" He asked looking over at the window at a another cute boy waving at him to 'come on'.

"No, I don't." I said.

"Well it's a shame that someone as beautiful as you, doesn't have the boys all over her!" He smiled huge. I slipped my phone number in his hand, and on the way out, he looked down and saw it and just looked back and me smiling. I blushed.

"Well look at this!" Nicole yelled jokingly.

"Be quiet!" I said, pushing her friendly at the shoulder. I couldn't stop smiling! I smelled his hat and it smelled like really nice cologne. I put it on and it looked really good on me. We walked back to Nicole's mom's house, and we saw in the driveway... a huge tour bus. One Direction's to be exact. Nicole ran to it, and Niall was right there picking her up in his arms.

"Oh my gosh I missed you so much!" He yelled.

"I missed you too!" Nicole screamed in happiness.

"Ok, you too!" Louis said walking past them with his hands in his pockets. I trying running to him but I couldn't with my tummy. So I walked fast to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Tabitha!!!" Louis yelled. He hugged me but he hugged me too hard and I screamed out in pain. He quickly let go, and had a confused look on his face.The good thing was that Harry was still in the tour bus, so I told Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn that I was still pregnant.

"What?!?!" They all yelled in unison.

"Shhh!" I yelled. Then Harry came out of the huge bus.

"Hello...." He said. I looked at my phone and I had a message.

'Did you not get an abortion?! Harry has been a huge MESS! This would make his life!' From Louis.

'No Louis... don't tell him. He said he doen't want it, so he won't get it... even if he wants it.' I sent.

'But he also is a mess about YOU! Not just the baby... what gender is it? A boy!!! :D Haha' From Louis.

'I don't know... I want it to be a suprise. :) I think that I maybe should say something to Harry.... NAH! Haha!' I sent.

"Hello..?" Harry said yet again a little annoyed.

"... *Sigh* Hi..." I said slowly.

"Just because we broke up, does not mean that you can ruin it for the rest of us!" He yelled. He must have saw the saddness in my face, because then he apologized right then and there.

"I'm sorry... I lost it. It's just that we came here and I thought that it wouldn't be completely akward, but it is and I really missed you." He said going up to me and grabbing my hand. Everyone just watched as he slowly leaned it to kiss me. I put my index finger to his lips and pushed him away.

"I'm sorry Harry... I just can't again." I said tearing up and jogging back in the house. Harry followed and ran after me. It was easy because he was running and I was just walking. He ran and caught up to me in the hall. I was crying.

"Tabby? What was that?" Harry panted.

"Harry... I like someone else." I confessed.

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