What would happen if a normal girl with the name of Tabitha, had the chance of a life time? Tabitha had a chance to win a week with a famous British boy band with the name of....ONE DIRECTION!! ;) Read for more details.This story has many love stories maybe you will be with the guy of your dreams in this story ;D


16. Epiloque

         Tabitha went into labor that night of the concert. It was a beautiful baby girl, that they named Darcy. They got married a year later, and eventually had 3 kids all together. 1 girl and 2 boys. Niall and Nicole got married when she was 22. They had 5 kids together. 3 boys and 2 girls. Jodi kept her dancing career going and became really famous. They got married and didn't have any kids. At the concert, Eleanor told us that she was pregnant. She ended up having twins. 2 girls. They got married and had the most kids. A total of 7!  4 girls and 3 boys. And lastly, Liam and Danielle. They got married at 25. They had 4 girls. Carly ended up getting drunk one night, and got pregnant with some random guy, and had 8 kids... all with different dads.  Tabithas mom finally came to her sences, and started to help out with Darcy when she was 3 months. With a few complications, they all had a wonderful life together, or shall I say, a 1Dful life together! ;)

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