What would happen if a normal girl with the name of Tabitha, had the chance of a life time? Tabitha had a chance to win a week with a famous British boy band with the name of....ONE DIRECTION!! ;) Read for more details.This story has many love stories maybe you will be with the guy of your dreams in this story ;D


15. Danielle

~Liam's P.O.V~

While we were on tour, there was this girl in the crowd. It was at a concert in Nashville, Tennessee. She was the MOST beautiful girl I have ever saw. She had medium, curly, golden brown hair. She was kind, smart, energetic, and I could tell she was sporty. Back during that concert, she was in the front row singing our every song. After the show, we were meeting some fans, and she came up to me.

"Hey, Liam, I was wondering... if you could pretty please spend a day with me for my birthday?.... It's tomorrow.."  Danielle said smiling huge. 

"Well... I don't know... There are a whole lot of other fans.." I drifted.

"I know.... But I have all the money I got in my pocket!" She said still smiling, fumbling in her pocket. She pulled out a 100 dollar bill. I couldn't just say "No"!

"OK, sure" I said staring into her beautiful, gorgeous eyes. We stood there, just staring at each other, when Louis came toward us. 

"Well Hello there, love." He said pulling her in a hug. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Could it be that I was.... jealous?   What ever it was, it left as quickly as it came when Louis let go of her and slapped my shoulder playfully.

"I get to spend a day with you guys!" She screamed (quietly tho).

"Ohhhh, I seee!" Louis said looking over at me and winking. 

"Shut up, Louis." I said looking back at the girl. The next day, we met back in front of the concert stadium. I picked her up and we went down to the Nashville City Park.

"So do you, like, live here?" I asked her. We were walking around on the gravel path, with the trees and flowers around us.

"No, I really live in Colorado. Me and... my sister... took a plane when we found out that 1D were preforming." She said sometimes looking over at me.

"Do you not like your sister?" I asked her.

"Ugh, Not really. Her name is Emma, and she thinks shes all "that"." She replied rolling her eyes.

"Speaking of names... what is yours?" I asked.

"Danielle... but call me Dani for short." She said winking at the last part. Was she really flirting with me? She slipped her hand into mine, slowly closing her fingers into mine. Yes, she is flirting with me. She must have realized that I didn't close back, because she quickly let go and started rubbing her left elbow.

"I'm sorry..." She drifted not making eye contact. 

"No.. It's fine." I said grabbing her hand. We walked around until we came to the local Ice Cream Cafe. 

"One... Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and-" I said looking over at Danielle to see what she wanted.

"The same for me please." She said smiling at me.

"OK, that will be 6.69 Dollars... or  5 Euros for you boy." The ice cream man said holding out his hand. I gave the money to him, and he gave Dani and I our ice cream. We walked away licking like the world depended on it. At the end of the day, we were on a dock in the lake.  

"This was the BEST birthday EVER!" she said kicking her legs with the "best" and "ever".

"I'm glad you had the best birthday in the world for the best girl in the world." I said staring into her eyes. Her beautiful eyes gleamed in the moonlight. There were like diamonds in a field of blue. Next thing I know was that my lips were crashing into hers. When I realized that we were kissing, her hands were already around my waist and mine were on her neck. We both pulled away looking into each others eyes.

"Wow...." we both said in unison.

"NOW, this is the best birthday..." She said. I pulled out the 100 dollar bill that she gave me the day before, and I gave it to her.

"What is this for? I gave you this." She said confused.

"I don't need it...  I have plenty of money, but what I don't have is you. I had a really fun time with you today, and I never want it to end." I told her kissing her cheek with my lips grazing it.

"Oh my, Liam... I love you..."

"I love you too. Do you have a phone?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's 519-392-7621." She said putting it in my phone.

~Back in reality~

I would text Dani, but she is on the plane back home. So I walk into the living room to see what everyone was doing. Since the concert is only in one day, everyone was getting ready to leave and go to the concert stage. We got ready and went down there, and preformed the concert to see how everything would go. And did I mention that Louis and Eleanor got together, and Zayn and Jodi got together? Well that means I'm the ONLY one single in the band. We did soundcheck and were just hanging out there. Tabitha was on the phone with that Riley guy she was telling us about. She was trying to tell him how she was "really sorry" and "Hope they can still be friends" and I quess he said ok because she was all happy and said thank you. Then Harry and her kissed. Then the concert day came. We preformed and I saw someone I never thought I'd see again. Danielle.

"I thought you were going home!" I said in shock.

"I was really coming to see you. It was a surpise that everyone planned just for you." she said smiling. I looked over her shoulder and everyone was there in there couples looking and smiling at me.

"Thanks you guys!" I said hugging Dani.

~Tabitha's P.O.V~

Well i guess everything worked out. And to think, If I wouldn't have found out about the contest, then my life wouldn't have changed entirely. i should really thank my mom. I guess she is looking out for me. I can get used to this.

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