Not Just A Girl

I set my sights up in the air this time lol, I hope you like this dc character point of view poem :)


1. I'm His Cousin

Look out world

Here I come!

I'm no ordinary girl

Well not on this planet

You have't seen anything yet

That's no bird or airplane

Just me in red and blue

Up and away I go

My next mission is to shine

I'm ready to pouch out bad guys

Can't escape my excellent hearing

Besides I way to hot...

Just look in my eyes

Watch out boys

Make way fast

I'm coming in for a landing

Stay out of trouble

Be a good boy... 

Cause this girl can knock you out to space

Got a secret, don't worry, I m good at those

This S on my shirt is no joke

Make the wrong move

I'll zoom in straight in

Give you the taste of this Kryptonian power

Can't beat this girl power

Just ask my girl pal in Gotham

Don't scare me, bring it on, good always win

Lets fly cousin

Our new and only home

Kent girl in the city

Supergirl forever in the sky.

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