Cruise Trips and Colton: DWK One Shots Contest Entry

this is my entry for Jayla Quaaid's contest! I hope you all enjoy(:

if i win: i want to be in the sequel. as a character. that is what i want as my prize. i hope that will work(:


Love always,



“Dad!” I called down the hallway of our small room aboard the cruise ship. As a means of bonding time, my dad had booked the trip, and dragged me along with him. “I’m going down to the lower deck. They’re having a poolside party tonight.”


            I grabbed my beach bag, adjusting my yellow polka dotted sundress, and resting my favorite pair of white sunglasses on top of my head. I tossed my phone into my bag and the key back to the room, before strapping on my sandals. “I’m leaving now!” I called down the hallway again.


            “What’s that, honey? Sure, be home before two!” My dad’s voice called back, he was obviously preoccupied.


            I slung my bag over my shoulder and headed to the elevator.


            The ship was nice. It’s theme was obviously ‘Under the Sea’, because brightly colored fish decorated the halls. The ceiling of the upper lobby was designed to look like we were under the water, lights flashed in ripple motions. Cheesy, but cute for honeymooners or little kids with their parents, their miniature fingers pointing to the electronics in the ceiling, believing they were indeed submerged under the water.


            I giggled to myself, imagining having a family like that when I got older. Cute children, a happy husband, everything I’d ever wanted.  I pressed the up button on the panel next to the elevator. I continued to daydream, lost in my fantast world of happily ever after.


            “You gonna get on here? Or do I have to wait for you to come back to Earth?”


            I jolted up and looked at the boy in front of me standing in the elevator. He had dark hair swept to the side and eyes that enchanted me. They shone even when he looked utterly frustrated for having to wait for me to get on. Still in trance from his startling appearance, I walked robotically onto the elevator.


            “Lower Deck.” I said, gesturing to the call buttons on a sea green panel. The boy nodded pointing to the button that was already lit up. He was going to the Lower Deck too.


            I shifted uncomfortably, messing with my bag and the ends of my dress.


            “So, why’re you stuck on this oversized killing machine?” He sounded resentful towards the cruise. I could understand why. This was the first entertaining event they’d done since I’d boarded.


            “My dad thought it would be fun for a family bonding time.” I put family bonding time in air quotes. “I haven’t seen him all trip. He stays back in his bedroom and does stuff for work.”


            The boy nodded. “What’s your name?”


            “Krissy. How about you?”




            “Well, it’s nice to meet you.” I said, mentally cursing the elevator doors as they slid open.


            “Yeah. See you around maybe.” He said and walked off towards the bar.

            “Yeah.” I mumbled, and headed to the lounge chairs bordering the east side of the pool.

            I laid my bag down next to the blue chair I had decided to lay down on. Why was everything here so blue? Once I was settled, I pulled my sunglasses over my eyes and put in my ear buds. Soon music tuned out the sounds of people getting drunk, little kids crying because they didn’t want to go to bed, and most of all the crappy music the DJ played.

            I laid there for who knows how long, before I pulled off my sunglasses deciding to observe the crowd for this party.

            In front of me was huge dance floor, disco lights everywhere. There was a fairly large crowd gathered in a circle in the center. I got up from my lounge chair, deciding to investigate.

            I pushed past several drunken teens, a few people kissing, and then I stepped over a man sleeping on the ground.

            In the center a boy was dancing.


            I watched in awe at his flawless dance moves, spinning on the ground, then up again, making me want him.

            I clapped to the music along with the other party goers. A waiter offered me a drink and I took it, thinking if I was going to enjoy myself on this cruise why not to the fullest?

            Countless drinks after that, I found myself walking into the center of the circle, where Colton had stopped dancing.


            “Damn right.” I said, and pushed him out of the way. I knew how to dance too. I broke out my best moves, receiving some Oohs and Yeahs from the crowd. Colton stood behind me in awe.


            I decided if he was just going to stand there and look like an idiot, I might as well use him as a prop. I turned around and laid my hand on his surprisingly muscular chest.


            He took removed my hand. “Sorry, I don’t dance with amateurs.”


            I laughed. “Oh?” I danced to stand in front of him, kicking my foot over my head to rest on his shoulder. As fast as it had appeared there, I removed it, and wrapped my legs around his waist, hoping he would support me. He did, flipping me over his shoulder, so his hands were on my stomach. He lifted me into the air, spinning me slightly. I knew everyone’s eyes were on us, why shouldn’t they be? We were drunk, hot and amazing dancers.


            Just to give them a better show, I gave a knowing look to Colton, signaling I was coming out of the air. I flipped myself around into a split, before retracting my legs and falling into Colton’s arms.


            “Nice show, Baby Girl.” He smiled at me. Everyone applauded, and Colton set me down.


            “Baby Girl?” I asked, smirking. “I’m no baby. As you may have seen from that sexy act.”


            He smiled. “You’re right. I should call you Sexy Girl. How would that sound in public?”


            “Why do you assume you’ll be talking to me in public?” I questioned. I really hoped it hadn’t meant too much to him, I wasn’t sure if I could commit to him, we had just met.


            “Aren’t we in public now? And so what if I want to see you again?” He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.


            I placed my hands on his chest and leaned away. “Colton—I..I’m sorry. I can’t. I just can’t.” Then I turned away from him, not wanting to see his reaction, and ran back to the elevator.


            I pushed the button repeatedly, but the elevator didn’t come. I looked up to see it was on the tenth floor. I didn’t have time to wait. I couldn’t talk to Colton again; my decision wasn’t up for debate.


            I ran to the stairs, taking two at a time. Finally, I reached the fourth floor, panting and sweaty. Then I realized I had forgotten my bag at the party. With my room key.


            Tired and defeated, I slid down the wall, and sat on the floor, crying into my dress. I just wanted to go home. This vacation was a mess already.


            “Forgot something?” A familiar voice asked.


            I looked up, slowly, not wanting to see the speaker.


            He held my bag in one hand; his other hand was outstretched to me. Reluctantly, I took it, and he pulled me up.


            “Hey, it’s alright. Why are you crying?” He asked, wiping the tears from my face.


            “I’m fine. It’s something girls do. We get emotional.” I snapped, and pulled away from him.


            “Krissy.” He said, gripping my wrist. “What’s wrong? Why won’t you talk to me?”


            “I can’t start anything with you Colton! Enough boys have broken me to realize that I won’t have my fairytale ending. There’s no one I can depend on and I don’t want to add another person to that list! I just can’t...” I sobbed, turning my tear-stained face away from him.


            “I understand.” He said, sadly. “But let me at least open your cabin.”


            He pulled out the room key from my bag and stuck it into the card reader. The little click noise signaled that it was open. I grabbed my bag from him, and opened the door with a whoosh.


            “Oh my god.” I gasped, recoiling in horror at the situation portrayed before me.


            Colton did the same, shielding his eyes.


            There on the couch was my dad. Under the covers. On the couch. With a woman. A pretty woman.


            “Dad!” I shrieked. “You have a bedroom for a reason!”

            “Mom?” Colton asked, confused and disturbed.


            “Your what?” I asked, whipping around to face Colton.


            He pointed to the woman under the covers with my dad, her head just poking out above the top. “That. Is my mom.”


            I nearly fainted.


            “Small world, huh?” My dad laughed nervously.


            I ran back to my room, with Colton trailing behind me.


            “What are we going to do about this?” I asked Colton, trying to contain all of the conflicting emotions pouring out of me.


            “Forget it ever happened and move on with our lives?” He asked, running his hands through his dark hair.


            I nodded. “Bye, Colton.”


            He forced a smile. “Bye, Krissy.” Then, without warning, he pressed his lips to mine, warming me with his touch, making my heart go a mile a minute. “Take care of yourself.” Then he was gone, leaving me standing alone in my room.


            I shut the door and locked it, ignoring the knocks from my dad that persisted through the night.


            I sighed, trying to tell myself I would never see Colton again, and that I had made the right decision. I couldn’t be with him.


I would never see him again.

            It wouldn’t work.

            He wouldn’t love me.

            He’s not my prince charming.


            But I knew that no matter what I tried, I was lying to myself. And my father always told me whatever you lie about comes back to bite you in the butt later on in life.


            So I kept lying about Colton.


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