Peeta's Journal (A HUNGER GAMES fanfic)

Ever wonder what happened after Mockingjay? it's all right here in my first ever movella.


2. May 7

   I haven't gotten time to write. The search for Katniss hasn't been going well. I've gotten some people to help, but we still can't find her! Who ever took her must have found an amazing place to hide her.

   Today I have to explain what the person who took her looks like. The only thing I remember seeing was two child sized pigtails, but they want full detail! How am I supposed to know? Any way, I can't bring this book in with me, so I'll write more later.




   Well, I think I just made the search for Katniss harder. The judge thought I was joking! He specifically said, "Are you crazy?!?! How could a little girl pull this off?"That idea sounded a lot more normal in my head...  

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