Stole My Heart

Krista Transfers from America to England for her senior year in high school (I know pretty lame parents) and then she was supposed to come back home. But, what if she were to meet a boy who would steal her heart and she ditches going home to stay with him?


15. X- Factor

"Okay we are almost here." I tell Zayn as the three of us drive to audition. ( Or just Zayn and Niall.)

"I'm hungry!" Niall exclaims. Go figure.

"Niall can't you wait?" Zayn asks.


"Fine." I say.

"We'll stop at the soonest gas station."

"Yes!" Niall screams. As we pull up in the gas station parking lot, we see a line of people with signs that say.

"Go Tom!", "We will win X-factor," and "We love you Simon!" We get out of the car and walk in. Zayn keeps a worried look on his face. I notice and walk over to him.

"Hey. It's okay. One third of these people have no talent." I tell him to calm him down. We walk around a bit to find some snacks.


I was walking around to find some Doritos but I couldn't take my eyes off the huge line of people waiting to try out. I wasn't noticing where I was going and ran into someone.

"Oh. Sorry bro." I say.

"It's okay. You worried?" He asked because he saw me staring at everybody outside.

"A little. Are you auditioning?" I asked.

"Yeah." He responded.

"You don't look worried." I said.

"Oh. I tried out in 2008 when I was 14 so I had some experience already." He said.

"I- I'm Liam by the way." He said.

"Zayn." I told him.

"Zayn?! Come on. We have to go get a number!" Krista yelled. She was walking over to where Liam and I were.

"Oh! Hi. Who are you?" Krista asked and shook his hand.

"I'm Liam." Liam said.

"Oh. Your British." Krista said awkwardly.

"Yeah Love." Liam answered and I saw Krista's hands tense up. I knew it was because he said Love.

"So, are you auditioning too?" Krista asked.

"Yeah. I auditioned before in.."

"Oh my gosh! I know you. You're Liam Payne! I watched you in 2008. I actually have to admit, I kinda had a little crush on you." She said.

"Oh. So how old were you?" Liam asked.

"Same as you, 14. Just 3 months older." Krista responded.

"So, are you and Zayn friends?" Liam asked again.

"No, sorry. He's my boyfriend." Krista said.

"Yeah. She's taken." I said as I took her hand.

"Oh, sorry. I just got out of a relationship so I guess I wouldn't be quite ready just yet." Liam said.

"Aw! I'm so sorry! Did she break up with you?" Krista asked.

"Nope. I dumped her. I found out she was cheating on me." Liam said sadly.

"Aw. It's okay." Krista said rubbing his back.

"I am actually dedicating my song to the fact I don't need her." Liam said.

"What song are you singing?" I asked.

"Cry Me a River by Michael Buble." Liam said.

"Wow! My mom is in LOVE with Michael Buble." Krista shouted. Then, abruptly, Niall ran up with a Hoho being shoved in his face.

"Hey guys! The line is moving. We can go in now." He said. I checked my phone. It was 12:05. People were allowed to go in at 12:00.

"Oh yeah guys! We should go in now." I said. Then all four of us walked out.


Aw! I feel bad for Liam. First, he was bullied when he was younger, and now his girlfriend cheats on him. I went up to him and said,

"If any girl cheats on you or dumps you, they are just stupid enough to not see how great you are." Liam smiled and then looked forward again. I walked back with Zayn. He let out a huge sigh as we walked up to the gigantic building. I put my hand on his heart and could feel it racing. I locked my fingers in his.

"Zayn, don't worry. You WILL make it. Ametures make it and you are a star." I said trying to encourage him and calm him down.

"Y-Yeah. Y-your r-r-right. I shouldn't be w-worried. I'll be fine babe. Thanks." He said as he kissed my forehead and we walked in. We walked to the lady at a table and told her that Liam, Niall, and Zayn were auditioning.

"O-kaay!" She said all high pitch like.

"You! You are the 43rd person. You! You are 44 and you! You are 45." Zayn was in the middle. Niall was last. We all sat in the holding room. Zayn and I went in the corner and I helped him practice.

 You're the type of woman (deserves good things)
Fistful of diamonds (hand full of rings)
Baby you're a star (I just want to show you, you are)

He sang "Let me Love You" by Mario.

"Eep! Baby you're so good!" I screamed.

"Next up! Liam Payne!" The guy who announces everybody announced. Liam walked on stage while we ran where we are supposed to wait if we are friends or family. We were standing next to the ton of people waiting for Liam. When he started, I realized I was worried about Zayn because Liam was REALLY good. Possibly better than Zayn. I looked back at him and he looked like he was gonna cry. I motioned for him to come over and put my arm around his waist. After Liam finished, everyone was speechless. He got all yes's. Then they called Zayn's name.

"Got make their jaws drop." I told him and kissed his cheek as he walked up. When he walked up, some girls were cheering. I have to admit, that did make me a little jealous. Nicole asked what his name was and who he had with him.

"Uh, I have my beautiful girlfriend and my friend who is also auditioning." He told them. The camera went backstage to where Niall and I were. Simon asked Zayn what he was singing.

"Um, Mario, "Let me Love You." He responded. Then he started singing a Capella and everyone in the crowd screamed. When he was finished, the judges gave him praises and he got...3 YES'S! When he walked off stage, he was acting all cool. When he got to where we were, he started running and picked me up and spun me around. When he put me down, he gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. I had to pull away since Niall was going next. I tightly held Zayn's hand and bit my lip. Niall walked up to the stage.

"Good luck Ni!" I shout when he gets up. He looks back and smiles at me. Niall gets on the stage and the girls scream. Niall sings and after, Simon says that he didn't like the song choice and he didn't think Niall was good as he thought he was. Simon still said yes and so did every other one except Cheryl. He still made it though and I was still happy for him.

"Ni! Good job." I screamed as I hugged him.

"Yeah." Niall said all deppressed.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"I only got 3 yes's. Liam and Zayn got 4. There's no way I'm going to win." Niall sobbed.

"I thought you didn't really care about this compettition?" I asked.

"Well, now that I know 3 of the judges like me and think I can get somewhere, I guess it matters." Niall said.

"Well, all we have to do is have you practice. Now you know what you have to do. It's not too hard. I WILL help you." I said.

"Thanks Kris." Niall said as he gave me a hug.

"No problem." I responded.

"Krista? Zayn?" A familiar British (Of course) voice calls.

"What?" I say as I turn around.

"Harry?!" Zayn says. He goes and gives him a bro hug.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Uh, auditioning. That's what I am supposed to be doing right?" He says.

"No silly, I mean, I didn't know you sing." I say.

"Nobody did. Except me and my family. Oh! That reminds me, Guys this is my mum." He introduces us to his mom.

"Oh. So you're Krista. Zayn and Harry always talk about you when Zayn comes over to play football." Harry's mom (mum) says.

"You guys always talk about me?!" I call out.

"Oh well Zayn does." Harry said.

"It's actually kind of annoying because it's always, "Krista's so perfect. Krista's so beautiful. Krista's so sexyyyyyyyyy....fghgfdfdrgff" Harry was trying to speak but Zayn put his hand over his mouth. I smiled and rolled my eyes at Zayn and he blushed.

"Come here." I said as I put my arms around his neck.

"Do you really say that?" I asked.

"Only once or twice." Zayn said embaressdly.

"Aww!" I said as I kissed him gently before someone called,

"Harry Styles!"

"Uh, T-that's me." Harry said. He walked up the stairs.

"Do good Harry! I called out before he left. Harry walked on stage and as usuall, all the girls screamed. Simon asked him his name, age, and something about him. Harry said he worked in a bakery and was going to go back to school in the summer to study some classes. He sang "Isn't she Lovley" by Stevie Wonders. Everbody but Louie liked it and everybody was booing him. Harry still got 2 yes's and got through.

"Yeah!" Everybody cheered when he got back.

"I'm gonna make Louie see what he missed when he said no." Harry said.

"Yeah. You do that Har." Zayn said as he hugged him and all his other friends and family did too.

"Hey." I said. 

"We should all get something to eat and get aquattenced. Especially the boys."

"Yes. Food. Sounds good to me!" Niall shouted.

"Hey, where's Liam?" I asked.

"He didn't leave did he?" Zayn asked.

"No. I'm right here." Liam said behind a very tall man.

"So, do you guys want to do it?' I asked again.

"You guys can go. I am going to go home and pack a bag for Harry." Harry's mom said.

"Yeah me too. But for Liam." Liam's mom said.

"Ok. So, just the four of us?" I asked.

"Sure." Liam said. I actually felt bad for Liam. He is the only one of us that doesn't know everybody else.

"Oh. By the way Harry, this is Liam. He tried out too." I said.

"Did you?" Harry asked.

"No! No, no, no, no no. No way!" I said right away.

"Why? Are you a bad singer?" Harry asked again.

"Ye-" I started.

"No! She's amazing!" Zayn butted in. I pretended to punch his stomach.

"You should try out then." Harry said.

"Maybe some other time." I said sarcastically.

"Hey! I'm hungry. Let's go!" Niall yelled.

"That's Niall for ya." I told Harry and Liam.

"But I am kinda hungry too." I said.

"Me too." Liam said.

"Me three." Zayn said.

"Me four." Harry said. And then we went off. And that was the real begining of One Direction. (Minus Louis)


A/N: So I know it isn't really how it is in real life but, my friend thought one of Zayn's friends was Harry so I made it Harry, I already had Niall in the story, and in real life, Zayn meets Liam before X-Factor in a gas station shop. So, I had to put that in so now everybody knows everyone except Louis. I promise he will be in soon for all you Louis lovers. Sorry though. :( But I hope you guys like it so far. Remember, please be a fan of me and, please answer to my question of the day. Thanks. Peace Homies! :) *Live long and stay strong*

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