Stole My Heart

Krista Transfers from America to England for her senior year in high school (I know pretty lame parents) and then she was supposed to come back home. But, what if she were to meet a boy who would steal her heart and she ditches going home to stay with him?


12. Time for tutoring (lie)

Knock Knock! It was Saturday morning and Niall just came over at 12:30. Right on time. One thing he is beating Zayn for. Zayn is still giving me the silent treatment. I has been two weeks! I go to school a week from Monday. Niall has come to tutor me for the past 6 days. I think today is the day I am going to ask him out. I opened the door.

"Hey Nia-" I stopped. It wasn't Niall.

"Krista!" He said.

"What do you want, Zayn?" I said.

"You." He said.

"Stop it Zayn. You ignore me for two weeks and then come and say you want me back and expect me to run into your arms like nothing happened?"

"No. I would like to explain though."

"Well you don't get to! I have a dat- a tutor session."

"I can help." Zayn said.

"No. No you can't. You've already helped. You've helped me see that you are not the guy for me. And you've helped me see who I really do want. And he is the one coming in 5 minutes to tutor me so you have to go. I'm sorry Zayn. You waited too long. I've already moved on. Goodbye." I started to close the door.

"Wait." Zayn said.

"What?" I asked.

"Never mind. You know what they say. If you love something, you have to let it go." And with that, he left. I closed the door and slid all the way down. I put my head in my knees and started crying. Then there was another knock on the door. This time it actually was Niall. When I opened the door he could tell I was crying.

"What's wrong?" He asked as he put his arms around me. It wasn't the same as Zayn.

"N-nothing." I sniffled. Niall took my shoulders and slid me out a bit. What's wrong?" He asked again.

"Zayn." I said.

"You miss him?" Niall asked.

"No. He just stopped by." I said.

"What did he say?" Niall asked.

"That he wanted me back." I said.

"Hey. You are strong." He said holding my chin.

"I know. I am just broken." I cried.

"It's okay. Hey! I know what will cheer you up." Niall said trying to get me happy again.

"What?" I asked.

"Ice cream and a movie!" He suggested.

"But what about the session?"

"Screw the session! It's a saturday." He said cheery.

"What movie?" I asked. Niall smiled at me.

"We can go see "You Again." I hear it is very funny." He suggested again.

"Sure. And we can go to Sweet Frog for frozen yogurt afterwards." I suggested.

"Perf." Niall joked.

"Well, I am going to change into something more sexy. BRB!"

"Sexy?!" Niall said.

"I'm kidding!" I said. I could actually walk up the stairs now because I got my casts off last week. Something else Zayn didn't know about. I ran to my room and got on a belly button off the shlouder shirt. It was black with a silver heart in the middle. I put on some short shorts then I came back downstairs and slipped on my black Uggs and grabbed my iphone and put it in my butt pocket.

"Wow!" Niall said.

"That is sexy!"

"Stop." I snapped.

"Let's go." I said as we went out to the car. We took Niall's. (obviously) He actually had a pretty sweet car. It is a silver Mustange.

"Sweet ride!' I said.

"Thanks. My brother and I share it. I actually stole it to come here so I can have it longer." He said.

"Ha!" I laughed.

"It's also a convertable." Niall said as we stepped inside.

"Awesome." I said. While we were driving, I put the top down and blasted up the radio to "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry. I sang along to the words.

You make me feel
Like I'm livin' a
Teenage dream
The way you turn me on
I can't sleep
Let's run away and
Don't ever look back,
Don't ever look back

Niall joined in after awhile. He is actually a REALLY GOOD singer. Not as good as Zayn but really good. I can't believe I still have Zayn on the mind. After awhile, it was just me, Niall, and Katy singing.

My heart stops
When you look at me
Just one touch
Now baby I believe
This is real
So take a chance and
Don't ever look back,
Don't ever look back

Niall and I sang to every song that came on until we got to the theater. We got our tickets and found our seats. We sat in the fourth row. We got a large popcorn and a medium coke. The movie starts with Marni, Olivia, Olsen. Her initals spell MOO and that is one reason she got bullied in high school. The movie is about this girl name Joanna but in high school she goes by J.J. She is marrying Marni's brother Will who is captain of the basketball team in high school. Anyway, blah blah blah, more stuff. We laughed a lot watching the movie.

(In real life I have watched this movie and my real name is Krista. Anyway, you all should watch this movie it is really funny! Anyway bye bye. Thanks for reading)

  During the movie, I snuggled up to Niall. He kissed my head. I don't know what it is but he doesn't have the same warmth as Zayn did. It's just not the same. I mean I want to hate Zayn but I just can't. And I can't be with Niall. It just isn't the same. After the movie was over, I walked Niall over the corner and said,

"Look Niall.."

"It isn't going to work out. You still have feelings for Zayn." Niall said.

"Well," I started.

"Go get him." He said.

"Thank you." I said and started to run out but I turned around and walked back over to Niall. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. But then he gave me a real kiss. He pulled away and said,

"Yeah. This wouldn't work out. We should just be friends." He said.

"Yeah." I said.



A/N: So what do you guys think? You probably never expected that? No, you probably did. I will have to update tomorrow sorry. Peace Homies! :) *Live long and stay strong*


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