Stole My Heart

Krista Transfers from America to England for her senior year in high school (I know pretty lame parents) and then she was supposed to come back home. But, what if she were to meet a boy who would steal her heart and she ditches going home to stay with him?


7. The Hospital


"So is she okay?"

"Well, no. She is not okay. But she is not horribly damaged." Doctor Brook said.

"So what is wrong with her?" I ask.

"She has one broken leg and one pulled socket. Her wrist is sprained, and her skull has a little dent in it. She will be here for probably the next two months."

"Two months!!" I yell.

"Hey." Doctor Brook snaps.

"Would you rather have her heal or would you rather have her dead?"

"No it's not that." I say.

"It's that she is only here a year so I will only be able to see her for 10 months."

"Oh no." Doctor Brook answers.

"You are alowwed to visit her as much as you would like. As long as she is not in the operation room."

"She needs an operation?" I said sounding worried.

"No. But sometimes we put patients in there if they have a broken body part. Or a dented skull." Doctor Brook said obviously reffering to Krista's dented skull.

"Would you like to visit her?" Doctor Brook asked.

"She should be awake in five minutes."

"Okay." I said.

"Room 208." Doctor Brook said.

"Thanks Doc." I said. I walked over to find her room.

"204, 206, Ahh! 208!" I slowly opened the door very quietly trying not to wake Krista up. She was laying on the bed with her leg in a cast. I sat on an empty part of the bed.

"What happened Kris?" I asked her even though she couldn't hear.

"Goddamn I love you!" I said and leaned in and kissed her lips very gently. Her eyes fluttered open.

"Zayn?" She asked very groggy like.

"Hey babe." I said

"Am I in the hospital?" She asked.

"Yeah. I'm gonna tell the nurses you're awake." I kissed her temple.

"Wait Zayn." She said as I started to walk away.

"Yeah hon?" I asked. She started to smile. I thought she was going to thank me but instead she asked,

"Do you really love me?" I could feel myself blushing.

"Oh! Y-you heard that?" I said nearly crashing into the wall.

"Yeah. Oh and you are a really good kisser." She added.

"Oh God!" I said while covering my face with my hands and shaking my head.

"Hey! Now you are embaressed about it?" She asked probably thinking I was lying about the whole thing.

"Oh no, no, no!" I said running over to her. I cupped my hands over her face.

"I just wanted to do that and say that to you when it is special." I said. It looked like Krista was going to cry.

"It will always be special as long as I am with you." Krista said. I leaned down and kissed her cheek.

"I'm going to tell the nurses now." I said.

"Zayn?" Krista asked now sounding worried.

"What's wrong love?" I asked.

"W-what is going to happen? What happened to me? How long am I going to be here?"

"Well, you broke your right leg, pulled a socket in your left leg, sprained your wrist, and put a dent in your skull, You will be here for 2 months." I told her. She started crying.

"It's all stupid Tommy's fault. God! I hate him!" She said.

"Shh. It will be okay. I have to go." Right when I opened the door, the nurses ran in and started shouting things,

"Okay! You tell Doctor Brook the patient is ready. Some one get a cast ready for her leg. You get a wrist holder for her sprained wrist." Krista started to cry because everyone was crowding around her.

"HEY!!" I yelled.

"You're scaring her!" Krista literally jumped when I said that.

"Some one get this boy out of here." Some nurse yelled.

"Oh I would like to see you try." I said. Suddenly, this tall muscular guy was standing behind me.

"Bye Krista!" I said and ran out. I stood in front of the window and made a heart with my hands and mouthed "Love Ya" to Krista. She smiled and mouthed "Me too." I walked to the lobby and saw a lady about 20 years old going to every guy and asking,

"Are you Zayn Malik?!"

"Um..Hi, I'm Zayn." I told her.

"Oh my gosh! Where is she? where is Krista?!" She screamed.

"Um, who are you?" I asked

"I'm her sister Megan. She was supposed to be staying with me." She responded quickly.

"Who are you?" She asked kind of rudely.

"Her boyfriend."

"Look buddy!" She yelled and grabbed my shirt.

"Where is my sister and what did you do to her?!!"

"N-nothing." I said like I was scared.

"Whatever. I will deal with you later. Where is she?" She said 2 inches away from my face.

"Room 208 but I don't think you are supposed to go in." Too late. She was already running down the hall.

"M'am. You aren't supposed to go in." Said a doctor blocking the door.

"Move it fatty!" She yelled and pushed him out of the way to open the door. There were 3 nurses putting on a wrist gaurd and cast on her leg.

"Krista!' Megan yelled and I was behind her mouthing, "I didn't let her in."

"Megan!" Krista yelled.

"When is the last time I saw my baby sister?!" Megan yelled.

"I am only 2 years younger." Krista argued.

"Oh look at you. You are so broken." Megan said.

"Thanks." Krista said sarcastically. She changed the subject.

"So, did you meet Zayn?" Krista asked.

"Yeah, about that..." Megan started.

"Isn't he just the sweetest thing ever?!' Krista said.

"Oh yeeeeeeeeaaaaaah!" Megan said sarcastically and looked back at me. I gave her a "Ha! She does like me and I did nothing wrong" look. The nurses left the room and Megan asked Krista what happened. She told her.

"Aww! You poor thing!" Megan said.


I don't think Megan likes Zayn very much. But I love him so it doesn't matter. I just told Megan everything that happened including the Tommy part. Ugh! The door suddenly swung opened and the doctor came in.

"Good news!" She said.


A/N: Haha! I'm not telling you what the doctor says until the next chapter. So here is my question, what do you think the doctor is going to say? Tell me at the bottom. Please comment and please like me Shanks! Peace my little Homies! :) *Live long and stay strong* Luv Ya guys!

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