Stole My Heart

Krista Transfers from America to England for her senior year in high school (I know pretty lame parents) and then she was supposed to come back home. But, what if she were to meet a boy who would steal her heart and she ditches going home to stay with him?


10. School (sort of)



What?! I do not want to do this. I hate math! I don't think this is fair. It will take 10 minutes just to do this one problem. Where is a tutor when you need one. Maybe I will just call Zayn. Hopefully he is in lunch.


Boring, boring, boring. Yeah I get why Irag and the USA went into war in the first place.

"Bing Bong! It's your phone! Bing Bong! It's your phone!" What? Why is my phone ringing?!

"Who's phone is that?" Miss Chang asks.

"Zayn, it's your phone! Z-zayn it's you phone." The phone rang.

"Mr. Malik! You phone please!" Miss Chang said with her hand out asking for the phone.

"Ugh! Ok." I walked up and gave my phone to Miss Chang. While I went to her, I read my phone and it said,

  One missed call from: Krista

What the hell! Why would she call in the middle of class?! She knows better!


I guess he is not at lunch. I hope he didn't get in trouble. Oops! What is I just did get him in trouble? Maybe I should try to actually do the work.

Ten minutes Later:

Wow! This actually isn't too hard! I think I got the problems correct? The first one is 34, the second is 223, and the third one is 78. I think. I'll just wait until Zayn gets home. Then he can check my answers to see if I got them right. After I was done with my school work, I turned on the TV and watched Adventure Time. (Yes, a 17 year old girl can watch Adventure Time!) I watched 3 episodes when the door burst opened. It was Zayn and he did not look happy.

"H-hi Zayn." I said worriedly.

"D-did you have a problem? A medical problem?!" He yelled.

"N-no. I needed help with my math." I said

"Oh of course. Your fricken math!!" He screamed louder.

"Zayn w-what's the big deal?!" I started to get mad.

"My deal? MY deal? What is your deal?! You call me in the MIDDLE OF CLASS! Why-wh- are you STUPID or something?! I can't get my phone back for the REST of the YEAR! My parents have to go and have a talk with the princibal!! And it's all because of your LAME math problems!" Now I started bawling.

"I thought you didn't deserve me. Why are you treating me like this?" I cried.

"Yeah! I was right. I didn't deserve you, because I didn't deserve THIS!" And with that, he left.



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