Stole My Heart

Krista Transfers from America to England for her senior year in high school (I know pretty lame parents) and then she was supposed to come back home. But, what if she were to meet a boy who would steal her heart and she ditches going home to stay with him?


17. Goodbye

Throughout the whole lunch, I kept awkwardly staring at Liam. I was trying to eat my chicken Alfredo, (my fav.) but it was hard. Zayn kept looking over at me and he knew I was acting weird.

"Hey, Kris? Can I talk to you for a sec?" He asked.

"Uh, sure." I said. I walked over to the same exact place Liam asked me to walk outside with him.

"You okay?" Zayn asked.

"You seem odd."

"I'm f-fine." I said.

"I'm just sad you're leaving me." I lied although I was.

"Zayn, I love you." I said sweetly.

"Me too." Zayn responded. I grabbed his head and kissed him passionately.

'I'm going to miss you too." Zayn said.



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