Stole My Heart

Krista Transfers from America to England for her senior year in high school (I know pretty lame parents) and then she was supposed to come back home. But, what if she were to meet a boy who would steal her heart and she ditches going home to stay with him?


18. Attention!

Guys! This is NOT a chapter. It is merely an authors note seeing how I am the author. Yes, the story is over boo, hoo, hoo, cry, cry, cry. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Ha ha. See? I am like an advertiser on the tele. "But wait! There's more! Now if you buy one, you get the next one FREE!" LOL LOL! Okay, okay, Seriously, it's time to get serious here.

Yes, the story is over and I will still be keeping it up but I will be having a sequel. YAAAAAAHHHH!

But, I have some more news about the sequel. I will have YOU guys give me some ideas for the story but it has to relate to THIS story so, things that CAN'T be in it:

1. Aliens

2.Zombie apocalypse

3. Any kind of monster

4. Fantasy


6. Any mythical creature

7. Anything that has to do with Jersey Shore

8. Your character liking Zayn

9. Anything like someone taking drugs, alcoholics, (someone can drink but no alcoholics) prostitutes, abuse, an NO ONE will cut themselves

10. The biggest and I mean BIGGEST one of all is..................... NO SERIOUS DIRECTIONATERS WHO WANT TO KILL THEM!

Sorry if I sort of took all your limits but I mean really, no one needs fake creatures, no one needs Justin Bieber, no one EVER needs Jersey Shore. My history teacher says if you watch that show, you probably lose IQ points by the second. And, NO ONE needs to cut themselves it is the darn stupidest thing I have EVER heard and soooooooo many people write it in their stories it is ridiculous. Sorry if I was sounding mean I wasn't trying to. No haters please.

1 more thing about the story BTW! I will be looking for some one to co author it with. I might have more than one co author if a large number of people want to. To figure out who will be the co author, IDK. I will probably have a form I will post in my comments and you answer according to that but please use spaces if you do. You won't have to copy it, just answer the questions in the comments for THIS story please.Thank you. Peace Homies!!:) *Live long and stay strong*



 I do believe in the past and in this writing I may have said some mean things about Justin Bieber that may have hurt some of you Justin Bieber fans. I am truly sorry for that and I know I am a One Direction fan and if some one who didn't like One Direction said something mean about them I would probably be sad and hurt. And for that, I apologize and I am truly sorry. I am so grateful to have people who are interested in my stories and I should not be taking that for granted by making fun of someone who's career is phenomenal and who has sold many, many, many albums and I do admit, although I am not a big fan of Justin, I do like some of his songs and think he is a good, good artist. Again, for all the ones I have hurt, I am truly, truly sorry. Thank you xx.

Notice: I may have borrowed a thing or two from BrtisWithPuppies. I simply borrowed, not stolen. The idea of the co author contest DID come from her. I do believe she did not make up the idea, it is that that is where I saw it and got the idea from. So, thank BritsWithPuppies even though I do not know why you would thank anyone.

Remember!!!!!: I will have the co author contest sign up posted in the comments. You DO NOT have to copy what I write, just answer the questions using the comment box. Even if you are not or do not wish to be a co author, you can still give me ideas to put in the story for the sequel and make sure to remember not to put the things I told you not to give me ideas for, for your ideas. I hope to make the sequel to this story even more interesting then the first one. I will write the summary and make a cover for it soon so you can preview it. Thank you so much for reading my first story to the sequel! xx

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