Still The One

Aria Pickings is very excited about moving (again), but doesn't want to leave home. When going to a new school and a new neighborhood and everything changing for her, she didn't expect to find her cousin Louis Tomlinson and meet all of his best mates. For once she has feelings for somebody she just met... and it's one of Louis' mates.


1. GoodMornin?

Aria's P.O.V.

I woke up with rays on light pouring down on me. Who the hell opened my freakin blinds?Ughh, I hate you Eddie. Wait... Eddie's at college in America right now, not in England. My big bro Eddie is crazy, idiotic, and stupid but can get into one of the best schools in the world?? Man, who do these people think he is.. Albert Einstein?

When I went downstairs my two little brothers Ian and Devon were having a parfait fight, mum was making breakfast and talking on her BlackBerry at the same time, and dad was sleeping, drooling on the sports section of the morning paper in the living room.. Ahhh, I love mornings at my house. I trudged to the living room and shouted at dad " DADDY WAKE UP YOU ARE DROOLING ON YOUR FAV SOCCER PLAYER!!!!!!!" Dad shot up in a flash. I don't know the names of people who play sports, so i just say fav player or a player and the funny part is my dad knows who I'm talking about. Dad just smiles. " ARIA HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU NOT TO SHOUT OR SCREAM IN THE HOUSE!?" Mum screams from across the house.Me and dad laugh. She's telling me not to shout or scream

When I went into the kitchen Ian and Devon were cleaning up the walls and floors covered in parfait. I swear they're mini Eddie's. Mum came up to me and gave me a quick hug and planted a kiss on my head. I smiled. Mum finally hung up and put her phone on the counter. " Good Mornin' Aria," mum said sweetly. " Mornin" I replied. I grabbed a waffle from Ian's plate. " HEY!! GIVE ME MY WAFFLE BACK!" Ian cried. I ran upstairs and Ian chased after me. I went into my room, onto my balcony and Ian eyed me. " You wouldn't.." Ian said slowly.  " Ohh, I would!" I said evily. I hung the wimpy waffle over the edge of the balcony. Then, I let go. " NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Ian screamed. "Now a hobo has breakfast," I said cheerfully and skipped downstairs.

Mum wanted all of us in the family room. Now, I'm scared. " O.k. guys. Now that we are all here let's get down to business. I got a new job and it is in London, so we have to move." My mouth hung open. Did i just hear mum say 'move'?

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