So this is a joining book to the main one called Running Never Stopping. It tells you what happened in Katty's and Niall's life before and during their life with their daughter Soph. See the problems she went through and more.


1. What?

I sighed as I looked at my phone for the first time this morning, no calls or texts from Niall. Mrs Horan, all alone with out her husband for a year. I walked over to the Costa and got a skinny latte, my life is not as exciting as this single coffee. Not now anyway. I had met him, and caused him to get in to lots of trouble and then he found this job through his brother. I noticed that afterwards he was always tired, he never wanted to do anything but he was always boiling hot. His skin would burn you when touched. I finished the coffee and walked out to the car. The seagulls hovered over head, like they knew that they could scavenge soon. I heard the heavy thuds behind me, I went to reach for my car when hand grabbed me from my waist and clamped another on to my hair. They dragged me effortlessly over to a van and through me in. The door slammed shut, leaving me in a false night. As it roared to life, my phone started to buzz. I reached for it and saw Niall was ringing me, relief washed over me and I answered it.

"Kat, where are you?"

"Niall, I don't know." They jerked to a stop and I heard the door of the passenger open, I heard the frantic calls from the phone but I was frozen. The door opened and a man snatched the phone from my locked hand, 

"Ah, Niall. We have your pretty little doll with us, we want the truth." he sneered, I looked at him and then at the phone. I knew him from somewhere, I just couldn't remember when or where. "Niall, we want the money tonight eight, we will call you where. Hurry or your pretty little doll won't see the light." I raised his hand and slapped my ice cold cheek. I whimpered as he placed the phone in a listening range. he grabbed the bat and swung at me, I heard the crunch and snap of my leg or legs. The pain was so unbearable I screamed, I could feel Niall's pain even from here.


Niall's POV

I stifled my own cry as I heard her scream. I could make out the swing of something hard as it was thrown in to her. I hung up the phone and dialled my brother.

"Liam, you've got to help. Katty's been took and it's all my fault, she wouldn't have gone if it wasn't for this stupid job." I rattled through, far too quickly for him to understand

"Wait, hold on Niall. Take a deep breath and then talk to me." I did as instructed an talked him through what happened. I hoped I could get to her in time.


Katty's POV

I struggled with the bindings on my wrists, When I saw him come in. The black hair the same and black eyes. His tan skin rippled in the faint light, his pure white teeth the same perfection that I remembered. My ex, Jacob. 

"Nice to see you kitty kat." He laughed at me using his old pet name for me. I scowled in to those eyes but I didn't melt like I used to, I disintegrated. I lost myself in that maze of black and sighed. I shouldn't have. "I thought that what I will do is best you not be here to object" I heard that same whoosh of a bat and the world was lost. I was greeted by the black in his eyes. I welcomed it, freeing myself from the pain.


I felt the course wires of mane beneath my aching body. I enjoyed the breeze that rushed through the pain in my joints. I was woken with the sounds of gun fire, my head shot up when another bullet hit the ground by the massive paws of the creature I was above. He streaked forward but making sure that I didn't fall off. As we ran I heard his silence breaking heartbeat, it calmed me when I was scared. We reached the far end of the forest and further when he let me feel the powdered mud under my body. The lion lay their, watching every breath I made. I closed my eyes and opened them revealing Niall. His blonde hair flat against his forehead. His ice blue eyes took on a degree of worry I was scared of. "What hap-pened" I stuttered, my breathe took away from the pain and effort "He raped you Katty." He whispered , rubbing circles on my back. I tolerated this for only a brief minute before I threw his hands away. "Get off me!" I screamed and broke down crying.

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