My Little Starshine

A note expressing my feeling for my younger sister during hardship with her father who i dislike.
My sister is 4 and i love her a lot so :)


1. With All My Love.

You are so dear to me, the little girl who i cuddled when she was lighter than a bag of sugar, slowly finding her feet exploring this world with nothing but smiles and giggles. Your growing up so fast you've already found your voice, learning new ways to express yourself everyday. 

He doubts your abilities, he thinks no one will believe what you say. Won't hear the honesty in your voice, see the fear in your face. His wrong, i believe you and i won't ever let him take you from my arms ever again, he can out power me physically but nothing will stop me protecting you always remember that. 

He was like a father to me too when i was little, i soon saw his bitter side, the temper tantrums, throwing anything he could find and if that failed fists. I promise you he wasn't always like this, he used to smile and be grateful that you were part of his life, his choices have changed him, he chose to endure these side effects for his pleasurable lifestyle. 

None of us know the real truth, they both have opposing stories i cannot help you understand, your too young for anybody to expect you to endure such mental and verbal abuse and understand why its happening to you. His in denial himself, he believes he doesn't shout that he can control his own anger...

He tried to buy your love, being a first and only time father he'd never understand, when they failed he snatched them back like an angry child took your toys from your hand, smashed them, sold them. How was you to ever know you did wrong? In fact you did nothing wrong your only young to feel put down and sad because of him? you have a right to be scared, you can have feelings and he is the one who needs to change not you.

Keep smiling sweetie, you have a family who love you and won't let that monster break your confidence like he did mine. You will have a voice AND you will smile. I love you, never forget that.<3

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