My Love

When Anna gets in a car accident and loses her memory what happens when she finds out she got in a car crash with none other than One Direction? When they all offer her to stay at their house to recover since she cant remember anything and she has no family left will she agree to stay?


2. Where am I?

Anna POV

I woke up and looked around. I was in a hospital bed with tubes in me. I looked down to a chair that was next to the bed. I saw a blond guy. Who is this? Do i know him? He appears to be sleeping.

He scares me when he moves a little and wakes up. When he sees that im awake he smiles and hugs me. I push him off and say

"Ummm who are you?"

"Oh sorry. Umm im Niall Horan. My band and I were driving down a highway when our brakes failed and we crashed into you.When we got out we noticed that you were unconscious so we called an ambulance."

"Oh. Are you guys OK?"

"Yea we are all fine."

"Well that's good.How long have I been unconscious for?"

"Two weeks."

TWO WEEKS! But it only felt like Two days!! The thing is I don't remember anything and I still don't know who this Niall Horan guy is.

"Are you serious? Two weeks?"

"Yea. I have been here everyday making sure you were alright. Once in a while my band will come in to see if your OK."

"And whats your band called?"

"One Direction. Ever heard of it?"

That name seemed familiar but I couldn't remember.

"Um well it seems familiar but I don't seem to remember."

"Oh yea i forgot they told me you lost you memory."

"Yea i cant remember a thing at all."

"Well your going to go to therapy for it but for now you need to rest. I have to get going to an interview. I will be back later with the rest of the guys alright?"

"Um yea sure i guess. Cya."


And with that he left. His thick irish accent was hot! Not gonna lie but when he left i started to miss him.Cant wait to see him again tonight.  



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