My Love

When Anna gets in a car accident and loses her memory what happens when she finds out she got in a car crash with none other than One Direction? When they all offer her to stay at their house to recover since she cant remember anything and she has no family left will she agree to stay?


3. Meeting the other boys

A/N Hey guys sorry i haven't been on lately. I haven't really had anytime but i promise i will always post a chapter at least once a week. Well yea enjoy!

Annas POV

I had fell back asleep after Niall left. When i woke up i heard people talking. Damn they were loud!

"Can you guys please be quiet!?!" I shouted.

"Oh sorry. Niall here is hungry and wont shut up."

At the mention of Niall my eyes shot open and i looked around for him. I spotted him at the end of my bed next to 4 other boys.

"Niall who are they?"

"Oh um sorry but this is my band."

He moved over to a boy with curly hair. He smiled and i noticed he had the cutest dimples. Niall motioned to him and said

"This here is Harry Styles."

"Hello Harry" i said.

"Hello, sorry for everything. The breaks stopped working and...."

I cut him off before he could say anything else.

"Its OK. I understand. Its not your fault."

He smiled at me and looked to the guy next to him. The guy next to him was holding onto him. 

"Hi! I'm Louis!" He shouted.

"Hello Louis!"

I turned to the guy next to me who was sitting in the chair. He seemed like the serious type but you would have alot of fun with him.

"Hi. I'm Liam Payne. Sorry bout the accident. Didn't mean to hit you."

"Its alright. Nice to meet you Liam." I smiled at him and looked next to him. There was a guy with a blonde swirl in his hair. He was looking down and didn't notice we were waiting for him to introduce himself.

"ZAYN!" Louis screamed.

His head jolted up and looked at me.

"Sorry. Hi, im Zayn, Zayn Malik."

"Hi Zayn."

"Well you've met everyone now." Niall said while smiling.

"Yea i have. It was nice to meet you all!"

They all smiled.

"Two  questions." I said.

"What" they all said in unison.

" First, when do i get out of this place?"

They all thought for a moment.

"In about a week i guess." Niall said.

"Last, where am i going to go?"

"Um well i was thinking you can stay with us and go on tour with us. We did a back round search on you and you have no family members that are currently alive and you live in someones basement." Niall said.

"Oh. Well um sure i would love to. But what about my stuff?"

"We already got it. Its on the bus right now."

"Ok" I said while yawning

"Well we better get going. I will stop by tomorrow alright?"

"Yea sure cya later."

And with that they left. Wow they were some nice looking guys if you ask me.

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