Head Over Heels

When Ashley joins best friend Sarah for a party, she least expects to meet someone as amazing as Will.
But is love and alcohol a good combination for the pair, or will the party end in tatters?

The story carrys on from the Movellas 'Girl Heart Boy' extract, and is an entry for the competition. It is written in the first person from Ashley's perspective, providing a colourful new insight into the world of 'Girl Heart Boy'.


2. Chapter Two

Three shots, two alcopops and a broken mobile later and I was dizzy with drunken glee. It wasn't like me to fall this easily and quickly for a guy. Then again, I was drunk.
Will led me to the heart of the party and we danced some more. It was like a dream. He constantly had his arms wrapped round me. When his friends roamed over to talk, he clutched my hand in his and introduced me politely as, "Ashley, Sarah's friend."
“Where is Sarah?” I asked him, gazing up into his big blue eyes. My arms were wrapped around him devotedly, and he didn’t seem to mind.
“I have a feeling she’s with Joe!” He chuckled, giving me a cheeky wink. I giggled along.
I cheered as the next song erupted from the speaker. It was one of my favourites, and one of Will’s too, it seemed.
“You like ‘The Loneliness’?” He shouted over the boom of the bass.
“Love ‘em!” I roared in reply. I had my arms above my head, bottle in one hand, and was shaking my head until my hair cascaded out of its loosely tied bun.
“God, you’re beautiful!” He laughed.
“Hey! That’s my line!” I shrieked. After all the head shaking, I was feeling dizzy and found myself falling into his arms.
Will had caught me.
He had caught me.
I gazed up into his eyes once again. They were full of promises. Even in this drunken despair, I could tell I was head over heels in love with this boy.
He took the bottle of alcohol out of my hand and entwined his fingers in mine. With one hand holding my hand and another on the nape of my neck, he leaned in for another kiss.

Sparks were flying between us, and we raced outside to get away from the crowd. Hand in hand, we hurried out of the house and down the path.
“I’m going to make sure you’re sober by the time you go home tonight, Missus.” He laughed as we began to slow down; ambling down the pavement.
Street lights glared and everything seemed to sway in a dream-like trance. I looked up to Will’s face and even that seemed a little blurred now.
“Do you want me to walk you home? I mean, I’d like to know that you got there safely.” He smiled, spinning me round into his embrace.
“Well, y-y-yeah. But w-w-what about Sarah?” I stammered.
“I have a feeling she’ll be staying the night, don’t you?” He chuckled again.
“I suppose.” I sighed. “Why can’t I stay, Will?” I slurred.
“You’ve had a lot to drink, Ash. I’m going to be responsible and make sure you’re safe.” He kissed me lightly on the forehead. I felt myself blush briefly, before I grabbed him for a longer kiss.

Five kisses, three compliments and a hug later, and we were nearly on the main road.
“Go back, Will. Be with your f-f-friends.” I insisted.
“And leave you here? Alone? Never!” He laughed. He took my hand and started leading me across the road.

Cars started shouting.
Horns were screaming as we ran across.
Wheels were screeching.
Every noise amplified.
Bright lights were blinding.
Will’s grip was tightening.
I pulled away.
God knows why.
His shout.
My scream.
Head over heels.
Head over heels.
Head over heels.

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