Afraid of Love

I think i'm in love. but the thing is.. im afraid.

Amanda has been burned before. Her mother verbally abused her. Her last boyfriend only went out with her to show her off. Amanda simply doesn't trust. Love is a lie for her.

Tommy is popular. Nobody has ever turned him down, his life is completely perfect. But he doesn't know what true love is.. yet. all he knows is one night stands. sex with different girls every night. Love is nothing for him.


4. Tommy-turned down

questioning life. no sleep. school. Amanda.

I entered into my History class late. as usual. 
"Late as usual, Mr Tommy. Tardiness is not welcomed in this school. here is a note for your guardians, i need not talk you through the procedures, you have become quite used to them." Mr Yale sighed and then added quietly "if whips were still in use, i know who i would go to first for a good ol' whipping"
i laughed at this, which made Mr Yale even more annoyed, and went to sit in my seat. Next to Amanda. 

"Tardiness is not welcomed in this school Mister Tommy" Amanda whispered to me halfway through the class, after giving me the silent treatment. whatever i had done to deserve this treatment, i do not know. "And Tommy?"
"I dont play games"
"No monopoly for you then"
"not what i meant."
"what did you mean then?"
"I'm sure sexual immorality is not welcomed at this school either, Tommy. and let me tell you, i do not wish to play that game with you." 

the bell rang and Amanda walked off as fast as lightning. 

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