Afraid of Love

I think i'm in love. but the thing is.. im afraid.

Amanda has been burned before. Her mother verbally abused her. Her last boyfriend only went out with her to show her off. Amanda simply doesn't trust. Love is a lie for her.

Tommy is popular. Nobody has ever turned him down, his life is completely perfect. But he doesn't know what true love is.. yet. all he knows is one night stands. sex with different girls every night. Love is nothing for him.


2. Tommy- uncontrollable

Sex. i sleep. i wake. i go to school. i flirt. i come home.

"ooh baby!" She screamed as i licked her boobs.
"You like this?" I ripped her skirt off. She pulled down my trousers. 
"Tommy you sexy little beast!" I stuck it into her. She loved it. she craved it. she needed it. I had done it so many times.. i knew how she felt. 

she gripped my hair.
"Suck it girl" She sucked.
"Stick it in Tommy!" I fukcd.

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