Afraid of Love

I think i'm in love. but the thing is.. im afraid.

Amanda has been burned before. Her mother verbally abused her. Her last boyfriend only went out with her to show her off. Amanda simply doesn't trust. Love is a lie for her.

Tommy is popular. Nobody has ever turned him down, his life is completely perfect. But he doesn't know what true love is.. yet. all he knows is one night stands. sex with different girls every night. Love is nothing for him.


3. Amanda-withdrawn

Go to bed. i smile. i sleep. i wake up. i talk. i learn something. i go to school. im weak. i come home. im crying.

When i went home after school yesterday, i felt alive. it felt good to know that someone liked me. but then this morning, on the way to school.. something happened.

"Hey! Aaa..manda! Amanda! that is your name right?" some girl cried out to me as i walked towards the school building.
"yes?" I answered
"Listen, amanda, i know this isnt what you want to hear, but you have to know the truth"
"the truth" i repeated, skeptically. "the truth about what?" 
after a long pause, the girl answered, in a whisper: "Tommy. he is a player, Amanda. I know what you've been through and-"
"you have no idea what i have been through. and no right to go accusing people-"
"im not accusing people, amanda. im telling you a fact about tommy that is well known around this area. you can ask anyone in the town! He pursues lust. i dont want to see him hurt anyone else. he doen't like you, he's just pretending to so that he that he can get in..."
"so that he can get me?" she ran away, with tears in her eyes. i stood there extremely confused. then it dawned on me. what she was trying to say. he was pretending to like me... to get me in bed with him. all i am is a game to him.

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