Afraid of Love

I think i'm in love. but the thing is.. im afraid.

Amanda has been burned before. Her mother verbally abused her. Her last boyfriend only went out with her to show her off. Amanda simply doesn't trust. Love is a lie for her.

Tommy is popular. Nobody has ever turned him down, his life is completely perfect. But he doesn't know what true love is.. yet. all he knows is one night stands. sex with different girls every night. Love is nothing for him.


1. Amanda- afraid

I go to bed. I cry. I sleep. I wake up. I cry. I go to school. I'm strong. I come home. I'm weak. 


As i walked through the door of my first new class, (English) the chatter ceased. Everyone turned to stare at me. freak show. Quiet chick. Weirdo. 
The teacher waved me in, telling me to sit next to a boy. A normal boy. poor him. if he talks to me, his reputation will die. 
"Hey lovely" He winked at me. 
"errrrm... hi?" I answered quietly, as usual. 
"Whats your name, babe" he whispered in my ear
"A..Amanda" he leaned in closer
"Well, Amanda, I'm Tommy. At your service" Tingles rushed up my back.. i dont know what it was, but something drew me to him. i spoke out louder than i had in a year.
"Haha. Well, Tommy, I'll have to make use of your service sometime soon" I said with a wink. 

The day went on, and I found out that i had 4 classes out of 6 in the whole day with Tommy. And in each of those 4 days, i sat next to him. We talked, and laughed. I had more fun than i had for ages.. since my Mum and Dad divorced. Since James (my abusive ex boyfriend) left me. It was a nice feeling.. to live again.

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