My Past...

Going through depression and dealing with stuff...


1. My Past...

I am 17 and I have a heavy heart,
and now I need to let it all out.
Once upon a time I was a happy girl,
running, playing, laughing in the big world.

My family was okay at the start,
but then some of them broke my heart.
They turned against me when I needed them most,
I won't even forgive there ghosts.

I had some problems with my past,
that even I didn't know I had.
They were stuck in my head,
and sometimes I wished I was dead.

My mom helped me alot,
but I was still caught.
In my head I was big, fat and ugly.
But I guess I was lucky.

In 7th grade,
all good went away.
I got to a new school,
with alot of new rules.

I got so-called friends,
they helped me with some loose ends.
But then they turned and stabbed me in the back,
my nerves were ready to crack.

I was in a blue mood,
cause they were rude.
Time went by,
and I started to cry.

Now, my mom helpes me every day,
and I must say:
Without God, I wouldn't have gotten through it,
so thanks for letting me do it.

To all those who made my life bad,
I just wanna say:
In the end I wanna thank you,
cause you made me that much stronger!


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