That woman across the street

This is all fiction.
This story is about a young girl who's life is suddenly and rather strangely turned upside down.


1. That woman across the street

~January 2010~
I woke up to a dark misty view outside of my bedroom window. I have a bedroom looking over the street you see, across from the so called 'murderers' house. She was mad, oh yes, but she doesn't seem as though she could murder someone? That's crazy!
My household consists of my mother, father and of course, me. My mother and father both work in a small corner shop which they own. I like to visit there after school and sneak sweets into my school bag. I always get caught but its all worth it. They don't mind too much anyway, it's not like I'm actually stealing..
Everyday they wake me up at 7:10am. They take it in turns and you can always tell anyway because my dad shouts me up and my mother speaks in a soft tone of voice. I'm very close to both my mother and fathers as I am an only child. Sometimes I do wish to have a little brother or sister to help look after, play with and cheer them up whenever they may seem down, but a lot of the time I don't mind because I'm happy just the way I am and I wouldn't change anything for the world. 
School starts tomorrow, another week of pure hell. I get picked on because I get spoilt, not the type of spoilt with items, but spoilt with attention and more attention. Every week day my mum drops me of outside the tall, dark school gates and gives me a huge kiss in front of everyone! It's not like I can say no either because I always feel as though I've 'broken her heart'. To make matters worse, just to make sure I'm embarrassed enough, she shouts,
"sweetheart I can't wait until you return home, I will tuck mr snuggles in for you!" Mr snuggles is my childhood bear. At this point I am redder than a ripe tomato. Then once she has driven off I am left with a crowd full of hysterical teenagers. 
"Mummy's girl!" They chant in my ears. One day I will say something but until that day I shall just ignore them and get on with my life.
I get on the bus and plug my headphones in blocking the outside world out for just a little while. Neither my mother or father are able to pick me up from school in the afternoons as they are busy working in their shop to keep it well maintained, so I always return home from school on the bus. It doesn't bother me the bullying then because I'm too busy listening to music on my iPod to give the slightest interest.
From the bus stop I walk to my mother and father's shop to meet them. The bell dings a homely tune and welcomes me into their miniature corner shop.
" 'Ello sweet'eart 'ave you had a good day?" My father rushes over and scoops me up. I'd love to say to him 'dad I'm fourteen now, please put me down' but I couldn't, I'd hate to see him sad. I hug him round his neck and rest my head on his shoulder. He places me down and laughs, 
"you're getting quite a 'eavy un aren't ya lassie" I laugh too and smile warmly. I then hear my mother rush down the stairs
"Daniel! Could you please flush the chain after using the toilet, it's such a dirty habit!" My father chuckles under his breathe. 
"Hello mother" I say in a soft tone. "Oh hello sunshine, how was school?" I nod slightly and lower my head, shuffling from one foot to another. "Yeah, it was okay, I suppose.." She breaks a slight smile
"oh good, now let's get back home, I'm shattered!" We all clamber into dad's car which is bursting at the seems with boxes of sweets and fizzy drinks for the shop. The drive home is a short one but tonight it just seemed as though it was never going to end. The road ahead was dark and foggy and to make out anything in view was almost a question of the impossible. Then the car made a sharp turn in the road, the sweets and drinks spilt everywhere in the back, including on me, dad let go of his grip of the wheel and we went flying into what looked like a tree. After about 15 minutes once I was able to wake up I soon realised I was led in an ambulance. My mother lay next to me but my father was nowhere in sight. I sat up and struggled out whilst the paramedics pinned me down,
"where is dad?" I shouted through tears of frustration and anger. A paramedic loosed their grip on me and softly placed my hand in theirs. "Um, we have searched the surrounding area and were unable to find your father, but our search will continue." I sat up once again, my mouth hanging open. 
"Pardon, did I hear that correctly?" The paramedic nodded, her eyes filling up,
"unfortunately, I'm incredibly sorry, but don't give up any hope, our search hasn't begun properly just yet!" I let go of her warm, gentle hand and covered my whole face using both my hands. I burst into floods of tears that didn't seem to stop for hours. I woke up in a hospital bed. "Well 'ello der sleeping beauty!" A doctor examined me. 
"Just a few lumps and bumps but you'll be fine missy!" I smiled and turned to see my mother by my side. 
She looked well and smiled at me, I smiled back hopefully, still worrying about my poor father. Suddenly a tall, slim figure came walking towards me, it was a nurse. She had tanned skin and teeth whiter than I had ever seen before. 
"Hello darling, are you feeling any better?" She spoke in the most gentle and calm tone to me. "Slightly.." I replied. "She smiled and chuckled quietly
"Oh love, you're on the road to recovery, sometimes it's a bumpy, long road but you'll be fine" she then walked away from my bed and towards the double doors. 
A few hours pasted and the same nurse came back. She examined me up and down, her long, natural eyelashes flickering.
"Okay, so it looks like you're okay to go home!" A flicker of hope sprung from inside of me, I felt calmer, much calmer. My father would be fine and as for my mother she's definitely okay. Maybe I over think too much. 
Finally we left the hospital and returned home, the paramedics warned us not to search for our father as it was dangerous and the police were searching for him at that moment in time. 
When we arrived home it felt cold and empty. My mother turned the old coal burning fire on and we sat by it huddled together, praying that dad would return safe and sound. I lay my head on my mothers chest and gazed into the flickering orange and red flames. Before I knew it I was fast asleep in the safe hands of my mother.
~January 2011~
I woke up in my warm toasty bed and opened my curtains wide. The sun beat down on our little front lawn. I gazed out of my window hopelessly. A year ago today my father went missing. Unfortunately we have never witnessed him since. Just me and my mother alone in this cruel world. I gazed into the 'crazy woman's' house, chuckling to myself. She had back combed hair with red, orange and grey streaks in it. Her lips were smothered in red lipstick to match the red streaks in her hair and as for her outfit, she looked like she'd just been shopping at a clown convention.
My mum knocked on my door, "Sweetheart, may I come in?" She said in a kind of whisper. 
"Sure mother, let yourself in." She entered the room, her eyeliner and mascara ran down her cheeks, her hair looked like she'd rubbed it against a rather prickly bush and her eyes watched mine, filling up.
"Oh mum, please don't cry, father wouldn't have wanted you to." With that I ran over and put my arms around her. I squeezed her tight, rocking her from side to side gently. I held the back of her head and kissed her cheek.
"Shhhhhh." I swayed us back and forth slowly. She then held me and said 
"you're all I have Abbie." With that I started to fill up,
"you're probably all I will ever have from now on." A single tear rolled down my bright pink cheek. 
"It's sad, but I suppose you're right, Daniel would want us to stay happy and positive and who knows, he could be right under our noses!" With that she smiled a little and then looked at me, 
"I hope he's okay Abbie, more than anything right now, I just.. I just.. I." She walked out of my room. I wiped around my eyes, this really was a tough time for the both of us, especially today, it sparked off so many memories, like when I was younger, me and dad used to build sandcastles and have sandcastle building competitions to see who could make the best one. My father used to always let me win, but I never knew that. He wasn't just a father he was a hero and so much more. 
There was a sudden loud bang at the door. It was the 'crazy woman' across the road, I answered it as my mother was in a terrible state. 
"Eya lovely is ya mother about a' all?" She said in a horrible, dry voice, whilst smiling showing three teeth. I smiled back awkwardly, I didn't want her seeing mother like this. 
"Uhh, she's ill, um maybe you could come back tomorrow, if at all possible?"
"Uh yeah sure whatever do whatcha please child." She walked away muttering to herself and scratching the back of her 'birds nest' hair.
I closed the door, confused. "Mother!" I called from the bottom of the stairs. 
"Yes darling?" She called back. I climbed up the stairs and reached were my mother was.
"That crazy woman across the road came over" she laughed at me and then realised I was being serious. "Are you being serious, please don't lie." I looked at her in absolute shock, "mother, why on earth would I lie, to you of all people?" She stared at me for a while and then into space. She cupped her hands around her face. "Mother, mother what is it?" She looked up at me.
"I think it's time I told you, you're not a baby anymore." She patted a space for me to sit next to her on the bed. I sat, rather confused at the whole situation, 
"tell me what?" She took a deep breathe and looked into my eyes, "honey, when you were born, believe it or not, the crazy lady who actually really is crazy came over to ours.." I interrupted her, 
"when I was born did you say?" She nodded, "yes, she came over and 'cursed' us, she said 'when your loved one is lost in sight, and you will sleep alone at night,
I will come a year after, see,
It won't be she, it will be he.' Of course, it all adds up now, she.."
I stared at her and tilted my face slightly, 
"but why did she curse you mother?" She held my hands, 
"because you were the most beautiful baby alive, and she wanted you." I laughed, "me, but oh uh I.. Oh never mind." My mother smiled at me, 
"She must have your father!" My mouth dropped and I got that same flicker of hope like when we were at the hospital last year. 
"Let's go." She muttered and we that we both got up in unison and walked towards her house. We knocked on the door as if we were about to break in. She came to the door and smiled showing those three crooked teeth again. 
"Eya loves." She glared at my mother. My mother glared back. "Don't call me or my daughter love okay, we have no relation to you and NEVER WILL." She cackled and hissed, 
"oh LOVE if only you knew." With that my mother signalled me and I ran past her to find that my dad was sat on a chair, looking pale and skinnier than ever, he couldn't even smile at me. He had duct tape around his mouth and large red circles around his eyes. I gasped in horror and the woman chased after me. She grabbed me and tried to throw me. I screamed at her and could see my mother in the corner of my eye dialling the police.
2 minutes passed and she had gave me a black eye and two bruises on my arms, the police arrived and ran through the door with a gun to her throat,
"come with us, right now." She growled,
"NO." Five police men grabbed her and threw her into the back of their truck.
"She's not leaving in a hurry trust me, in fact she's not leaving ever." I let loose a smile. The police officer saw my dad and immediately dialled an ambulance for us both.
So there i was, back in the ambulance again, but this time I had my father right beside me and he wasn't going anywhere this time.
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