Silver tongue

Regan has always been kept away from books, though she can read quite well, it just seems natural. Finally one day Regan comes across and old book in her father's library, it's filled with wonder and excitement and love. When Regan reads out a chapter of the book to herself out loud she brings out a world better left on the page in a book.


2. The tale of Aluminum

The warm summer sun shone down on me in a heated blaze; it burned through my scalp and warmed my blood. I loved days like this, I also hated them. On days like this I know it would be so great just to curl up under my oak tree and read something, but I'd sworn I never would. As the sun went higher in the sky the heat became unbearable. I went back inside to stop myself from burning, I was just about to go to my room when I passed the library. The door was slightly open, like it was taunting me, daring me to enter. I hadn't been in the library since the day my mother died; the very thought of it scared me to death. I was ready to walk away, close the door and pretend the room didn't exist, when through the gap I saw a book resting on the podium. That was strange, no-one had been in this library for years and that book sure as hell wasn't there when my mother died. I must have been crazy, because I decided to go into the library and look at the book. The cover was beautiful, covered in patterns of twisted vines. The title read The Tale Of Aluminium.The name made shock rocket through me, though that was stupid because I didn't know the name. I opened the book and did what I never thought I would ever do. I read, out loud.

"Once a long time ago, there was a land called Aluminium. Magical creatures filled the land, every creature ever to be written in a story. The creators and protectors of Aluminium were called the silver tongues. For years the land was peaceful, until the king became jealous of the power that the silver tongues had. He plotted their deaths, and the destruction of the land that they had created. The silver tongues spy told them of the kings plan. The silver tongues trapped the king and all of Aluminium in this book. So the next silver tongue to read this page will reopen the world of Aluminium, and bring back the time of magic." I finished the page, my eyes narrowing into slits. Then the ground shook. 



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