Silver tongue

Regan has always been kept away from books, though she can read quite well, it just seems natural. Finally one day Regan comes across and old book in her father's library, it's filled with wonder and excitement and love. When Regan reads out a chapter of the book to herself out loud she brings out a world better left on the page in a book.


3. The guardian

The ground shivered and shook. My screams filled the library as my world changed. The landscape changed, instead of the river that flowed on desert bank now changed into a wide grassy land. The ceiling shook with the ground and sawdust fell down and coated my hair, the walls turned from woody brown to an emerald green. Suddenly People were filling the room, all advancing on me. 

"A sliver tongue!"

"Get the silver tongue."

"Kill her!" They all yelled different things at once. Most of them demands of death or capture. I screamed again as they came at me, scrambling backwards. Tears of fear welled in my eyes as they surged forward, knives and swords raised. Fear completely washed over me, froze me as my back hit the stand that the book had been sitting on.

"Get away from her, Lucrius." A new voice joined in, deeper and huskier than the rest. A glance behind the others told me there was someone new. His hair was jet black and short, in a kind of army, spiked way. It was very sexy. Dark green eyes that matched mine glistened when they landed on me, his lips were full and pink as they smirked at me. It all happened so quickly after that, people lunged, then they attacked. Somehow the sexy guy managed to get to my side, and took hold of my hand, dragging me up with him. "Reahanan, come on!" He urged as he ran with me. Through the library, into the main hallway and through the front door. Right in front of a unicorn.

"What the hell!" I gasped, no way. Unicorns did not exist, no way! The sexy guy (I really needed to learn his name) Grabbed me by the waist and hauled me onto the horse, no, unicorn. After jumping on behind me, the guy took hold of the reins, (who put reins on a unicorn) and flicked them. 

"Time to go Reahanan." The guy said as we kicked off. One thing popped into my head, What the fuck was going on!!

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