Silver tongue

Regan has always been kept away from books, though she can read quite well, it just seems natural. Finally one day Regan comes across and old book in her father's library, it's filled with wonder and excitement and love. When Regan reads out a chapter of the book to herself out loud she brings out a world better left on the page in a book.


1. I stopped believing.

My mother used to tell me stories were precious, that every written word was to be treated like a child. I never argued with her, every time she read me a story I felt my heart lift at each word. My dad used to tell me that my mum and I shared a gift that we were destined to love books and that the books would love and protect us in return. I stopped believing that when my mum died, in our own library. The books didn't protect her, they watched her die and remained silent. I found her, lying in a pool of her own blood, a slit throat. My mum wouldn't have done this, I told myself over and over. My mum loved her life, she loved my dad and she loved the books, she loved me. I vowed that day that I would never again read another book, not that I needed to. After that day my father kept books away from me, told me never to read another one, I guess I did what he did, I stopped believing. 

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