Guilty till proven innocent. That's the motto here, here in South America, well everywhere really, though no one is ever proven innocent. No one has the money, or the connections, well that is unless you have family in the Governing Agency. So as a thirteen year old girl convicted of murder there wasn't much I could do...

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The story is fictional, and any relation to anyone dead or alive is completely unintentional.


5. Arrival


We were in the car for at least another six hours, with little conversation, towards 'HQ'. With nothing to do except stare out the window, thinking. I couldn't even sleep, I never have been able to sleep, whilst in a car. Looking out the window wasn't very interesting either, past desolate wasteland, sometimes far enough from anywhere to forget that civilisation existed. Even when we were near civilisation it was still easy to forget due to the riveting conversation.   The car rolled up to some gates in the middle of a desert almost. The sun beating down on the sand, my forehead had drops of sweat trickling down it. A man in a grey uniform stepped out of a hut. He was not the tallest man ever, but not the shortest either. He also had a small moustache and was carrying a newspaper, with the headline: Asia In Water Crisis   It wasn't much of a surprise, they'd had a heatwave, and although the Governing Agency warned everyone, halfheartedly, to save not waste water, no one ever listens. So when many die, they will take no responsibility.   The man stood in front of the gate waiting for Bradley to wind down his window.   "Identification." The man grumbled in a Canadian accent, which didn't suit his personality, from what I could tell at all.   "Bradley Dunning, mission 268. With arrested." Bradley informed the man who subsequently relayed down his radio. I raised my eyebrows, confused slightly. A voice from down the radio almost instantly replied:   "Open the gate! Over." The man trudged back to his hut, in no hurry what so ever. Bradley hit the steering wheel, urging him to hurry up, he if anything trudged slower. When he eventually made it to the hut he keyed in a code to the keypad next to the open gate button.  The gates opened slowly.   From what I could see the only thing that the gates were protecting was an old, ruinous building. The building was so old and ruinous I could actually see it crumbling right before my eyes. "Lovely place!" I muttered, sarcastically. Bradley didn't seem to notice the sarcasm.   "Its not too bad." He replied. I looked at him through the mirror. "Once your inside..." He added.
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