Over Again - One Direction (13+)

Emilys life is perfect. Her fiancé is Harry Styles, one of the boys from the famous boyband One Direction. She is surrounded by friends. She couldn't wish for more. But the whole frame breaks when Emily suddenly gets assaultet. When she wakes up, all her memories are gone. She can't even remember anything about Harry. Harry is breaking apart and he tries to get it all back to normal again. But it is harder than he thought cause will Emily ever fall in love with him again?


2. Who am i?



Your phone rings again. You look at the screen.

#Where are you love? Have been looking for you for two hours! XX#

You keep starring at the screen. You don’t know where you are. You see a little sign on a house. It is the title of the road. Then you answer the message.

#Some road called Medway Street. Don’t know how to get home.. Can’t find you either#

You look up in the dark sky. Then you look at your watch. 11.42 PM. It is late. A message ticks in on your phone.

#I know where you are. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. Don’t move. XOXO#

You look down the street. It is almost empty. You are about to answer the message when you hear footsteps behind you. You are just about to turn around, when you feel a huge pain in the back of your head. Everything gets dark.





You slowly open your eyes as you feel a huge pain in your head. At first everything is blurred.   Then you can see the silhouette of a person, who is bent over you.

You can barely see a head with brown hair. Everything else is not clear. “Are you awake? Can you hear me?”, a voice says, but it sounds like it is from miles away.

Like the person is shouting into a bottle or something.            

Then the dizziness takes over and you give up and let yourself fall into the darkness again.




You can hear someone who is breathing heavily. You open your eyes. Then close them again as the light dazzles you.

You lay still a little and then you open your eyes again. This time you force yourself to keep the eyes open.

You see a white ceiling. You are laying in a bed. Everything is white. The bed is white.

You slowly sit up. You see that the floor is white too. And the walls. It is a little room.

There is a sofa and a little table beside your bed. A television is hanging in the corner. In one of the walls there is a big window covered with curtains.

You slowly gets out of the bed and walks over to the window. You are wearing a white dress. Or something like that. You have a weird feeling of emptiness.

Carefully you pull the curtains to the side. A great view overwhelms you.

You can see a big city. In the middle of the city there is a tower of gold. In the top of the tower there is a big watch. It says ten minutes past eight. It must be in the morning. The sun is coming up behind the city and gives a beautiful light to the heaven. The roofs are covered with snow.

You suddenly hear a sigh behind you which gives you a big shock. You turn around in no time. Now you see a armchair which is placed on the opposite side of the bed.

There is sitting a person! A boy. Or a man.
He is sleeping. He has brown curls which surrounds his face in a cute way. He is wearing a big sweater and a black pair of jeans.

He sighs again and moves a bit before he slowly opens his eyes. As soon as he sees you, he gets up very fast. “You are awake!”, he says surprised and very happy. You nod. Slowly. You just stare at him.

“How are you feeling?”, he asks and walks to you. He looks a little worried. “Are you okay?”, he asks.

“Who..who are you?”, you ask. He stops and looks shocked at you. “What are you talking about? I am Harry! Don’t be silly”, he says with a little smile.

You just look weird at him. “Harry? Harry who?”, you ask.

“Come on babe! You must have hit your head huh?”, he says and tries to smile real but now he looks worried and he can’t hide it.

“You know when that happened-..”, he says and his voice breaks. You are so confused. What is he talking about?

“When what happened? Where am i? ”, you ask a bit irritated. He looks excusable at you.

“You are at London’s biggest hospital. You are here because… Because.. you got assaulted-..”, his voice breaks again. He breaths slowly.

“I.. I found you in one of the streets in London. You were hurt. Your clothes were ripped apart. You had a lot of blood in your face and on your body. I have never seen anything like that. It was terrifying”. He looks very scared and sad.

“I called for an ambulance as quick as I could. And tried to keep you alive. You had lost a lot of blood”, he says.

You look scared at him. Why don’t you remember any of this? You think a little.

Then you just stare forward, scared by the thought. He grabs your shoulders and you get a little shock as he is suddenly standing very close to you. You are too consumed by your own thoughts to see that he got to you.

“Babe…Are you allright?”, he asks and looks worried at you. Then you look at him and big tears starts rolling down your face. You can’t believe it. “What is wrong?”, he asks.

“I.. I don’t”, you try but your crying interrupts you. “I don’t remember anything. At all. Who am I?”


Hej! Håber at første kapitel var nogenlunde... ;D

Jeg har ikke publiceret en fanfic før, så er lidt spændt på denne ;)

Hvis i kunne lide det, ville det være totalt fedt, hvis i ville like den :D

Håber meget at i kunne lide første kapitel :P



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