Over Again - One Direction (13+)

Emilys life is perfect. Her fiancé is Harry Styles, one of the boys from the famous boyband One Direction. She is surrounded by friends. She couldn't wish for more. But the whole frame breaks when Emily suddenly gets assaultet. When she wakes up, all her memories are gone. She can't even remember anything about Harry. Harry is breaking apart and he tries to get it all back to normal again. But it is harder than he thought cause will Emily ever fall in love with him again?


4. Pretend like you're at home

You look out of the window where the city is passing. London. That’s what it’s called. Harry told you. You have a huge feeling of emptiness. Who is Harry? It kills you to think of. But it sounds like he has been close to you.

“Emily. We are here”, he suddenly says and you see that the car has stopped. Louis smiles at you. He presented himself when you got out of the hospital. He is Harrys best friend. Harry has promised you to tell you about his life when you get home.

You slowly open the door and Harry takes your bag. It is a little one. You don’t have any clothes. Nothing but what you are wearing.

You follow Harry and Louis into a big white house. You take an elevator to fifth floor. Louis smiles at you both and disappears through a door In the corridor. “I live in here”, he explains. “I’ll see you later Emily”, he adds.

Harry smiles at you when you are finally standing in front of a door in a corridor. He unlocks the door and follows you into a big apartment. You see a big living room.

“Nice”, you mumble and Harry smiles at you. “Act like.. Like you are home”, he says with a bit hesitation. Then he disappears into another room.

You hush to follow him. There is a big bedroom. A big double bed and some other furniture. You just stare at it. “I’ll get you some clothes”, Harry mumbles and opens a wardrobe in the other end of the room. He takes a shirt out and a pair of jeans. Then he takes some socks. Then something black.

He looks at it before laying it on the bed. You suddenly see that it is a bra. A pair of panties lands on top of the bunch. You blush a lot, you can feel it. Then you look up at Harry.

“Why… Why do you have all this? It is clothes for a woman , you say slowly. He freezes totally. “Uhm.. You know.. My sister lives here sometimes…”, he slowly answers. You nod slowly.

“Is she living here a lot? There are a lot of.. girl stuff”, you say and look at a table where some makeup is laying. “Uhm.. Yeah.. She often comes here”, he slowly says. He looks quit nervous.

You feel that it is very weird but you don’t comment it anymore. “But of course I told her that you are living here now so she won’t come by”, he explains and looks unguilty at you.

You nod slowly. “But.. would you mind waiting in the living room while I am changing?”, you ask. He suddenly seems a little sad. “Of course not. Sorry”, he says and walks out.

Harrys view:
I don’t know why but it hurt that she wanted me to wait outside. It reminded me of the fact that we are not together. I sit down in the sofa and wait for her. I remember how we met.

I remember how I saw her right after a concert in the middle of London’s streets. The concert was just over and there were fans everywhere. She stood there in the middle of the crowd and she looked very confused.

I could not look away again. She was very beautiful. I walked to her and smiled at her. She smiled back. Weird enough I did not know what to say. She just stared at me.

“Hello”, I said and felt how unsecure I was. I don’t know what happened. I totally freaked out. “Hello are you a fan? Let me write you an autograph!”, I exclaimed.

I grabbed her arm out of nowhere and started to write my name on it. She quickly pulled her arm back and looked weird at me.

“What are you doing?”, she asked confused and looked at the arm where half of my name was written. “Aren’t you a fan?”, I asked slowly. She shook her head. I felt so dumb. I felt how I blushed.

“Oh. I am sorry”, I said. She smiled at me. “Doesn’t matter”, she said. She looked down on a map in her hands. It was a map over London.

“Can I help you finding the right way?”, I asked. She looked up smiling. “Yeah! Thanks! I have to find Oxford Street, but I don’t know how”, she said. I smiled at her.

“Let me follow you there”, I said and I did suddenly not care about anything else. She smiled at me again and I followed her to Oxford Street whilst talking a lot with her. She was very good at keeping a conversation. I remember how I got her number and how I called her the next day and invited her for a date and..”.

“So. I am done”, a voice says and interrupts my thoughts. She is wearing what I found.

This is was she is wearing: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=60724736
She looks very good. She always does.

Theas view:                                                                                                                      When you walk into the living room Harry is sitting on the sofa. He is staring thoughtfully forward. “So. I am done”, you say carefully. He looks at you. You slowly walk over and sit beside him on the sofa. He keeps looking at you.

“Are you allright?”, he asks. You smile the best as you can. “Sure”, you say. He can definitely see that you’re lying, but he doesn’t ask more. “I am gonna cook you something . Do you like nachos, lov.. sweety?”, he asks and interrupts himself in the middle.

You nod. “Thanks a lot”, you say. You feel that the whole situation is a bit awkward. Harry walks out to the kitchen. “Just do what you want. Pretend like you’re at home”, he shouts from the kitchen.

“Thanks”, you respond. At first you just watch TV. After some time you turn it off and walk into the bedroom. You slowly open one of the wardrobes. There are a lot of clothes for a woman. It belongs to Harrys sister, you remember. You look at the shoes. There are so many. They are so nice!

You look at the door and hopes that Harry won’t come in, as you takes a very nice pair of shoes and put them on. You have to try them. They are so nice. They fit perfectly. You walk around in them whilst looking at the other things. You enjoy having time on your own, and being a real girl as you look at all the shoes and the jewelry. You are still wearing the flowered shoes. You take another pair of shoes and try them:http://www.polyvore.com/friis_company_pumps_cicely/thing?id=53410226

They also fit perfectly. ”I bought them for you..her. For her”, a voice suddenly says behind you. You freeze and look slowly at him.

“I.. I am sorry, Harry! I know that they belong to your sister and-“, “It is okay, Thea!”, he interrupts you. “They fit you very well”, he adds with a smile. You smile back.

“Thanks Harry. That’s sweet”, you say. Then you take the shoes of. “You know what? You should keep them. I know that Gemma won’t mind. Take them, they’re yours”, he says. You look surprised at him. “What? Harry I can’t! It is her shoes! I can’t-“, “take them”, he repeats and smiles at you.

You are quiet a little. “Thanks a lot”, you then say. “I am done cooking. Are you hungry?”, he asks. You nod and gets up to follow him to the kitchen, where there is a big table with chairs around. There are two plates and a plate with nachos. Also there are two glasses and some water in a bottle. In the middle there is a candle light.

“Wow, it’s nice Harry!”, you exclaim surprised. He pulls the chair for you and sits in front of you. You enjoy the dinner together and the conversation is going very well.

Harry tells you everything about his life. That he is in a world famous band called one direction. He tells you about his family and the boys from One Direction. After a while he has told you everything which is good to know. Except from who he is in relation to you of course.

You are still irritated because of that he cannot tell you. Everytime you are trying to get the conversation to that topic, he quickly turns it all and escapes from it. You know that it is for your own best, but still it irritates you like hell.



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Knus fra Nanna<3


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