Over Again - One Direction (13+)

Emilys life is perfect. Her fiancé is Harry Styles, one of the boys from the famous boyband One Direction. She is surrounded by friends. She couldn't wish for more. But the whole frame breaks when Emily suddenly gets assaultet. When she wakes up, all her memories are gone. She can't even remember anything about Harry. Harry is breaking apart and he tries to get it all back to normal again. But it is harder than he thought cause will Emily ever fall in love with him again?


3. Get me out of here

He just stares at you for a minute or something. 

“You don’t.. You don’t remember anything? You don’t… You don’t remember me?”, he asks slowly with a shaking voice.

You try to remember anything. Just one thing about your life. You look at him to remember who he is. But you can’t remember. You shake your head.

“Oh my god! Oh my god, I can’t remember”, you say very loudly whilst starting to tremble. You look at him.

“What am I gonna do?”, you say whilst starting to walk around in the little room. Harry is just standing there staring out in nowhere. He slowly hides his face in his hands.

“You don’t remember me”, he whispers through the hands. His voice is shaking even more. You walk to him.

“Harry.. It was Harry right? Harry what is wrong? Who are you? Tell me!”, you say silent. He removes his hands from his face.

“Emily are you sure that you cannot remember me? Not at all?”, he asks as his eyes gets wet. You are so frustrated. You are sure about the fact that he is an important piece of your life. You just don’t remember.

“My name is Emily”, you just say. He is about to say something when the door goes up. A man in a long white coat comes in.

“Emily! You are awake!”, he says and smiles at you. You just stare at him. “Who are you?”, you ask. The man looks confused at you. “I am the doctor, remember?”, he says. Harry looks frustrated at him.

“She doesn’t remember anything! At all!”, he says loudly. The doctor looks at him and then at you. He looks serious now.

“Don’t you remember Emily?”, he asks. You shake your head as the tears are returning. "Emily please sit down on the bed”, he says and you do as he says. He sits in front of you on the bed.

“Emily I am gonna tell you that you have been very lucky. You got assaulted by an unknown man. You could have died, but you didn’t. That makes you very lucky. But are you sure that you don’t remember anything at all?”, he asks. You nod.

“Yes! I have told you both! Nothing”, you say frustrated. “Okay. Try to relax, though it is very hard. I know that you are very confused and sad but listen to me”, he says and looks you into the eyes.

“It is gonna be okay. I don’t know when and I don’t know how at the moment, but I will figure it out in no time, I promise”, he says. This makes you relax a bit. Then the doctor looks at Harry.

“Harry we have to leave Emily for an hour or something, while me and some other doctors will figure out how to solve this”, he explains.

Harry looks at you with tears in his eyes for a moment before he leaves the room with no words. “Just lay here and think. Push the button if you need anything”, he says and points at a red button over your bed.

You lay on the bed and looks at the city through the window for something which feels like at least three hours. Then the doctor finally comes in.

“Emily”, he says. You sit up and looks at him. “Emily we have a plan for you”, he continues.

“You are going home with Harry. There you are going to live until you remember again. I am so sorry but we can’t tell you things about your life or about Harry. And who he is. We don’t know the consequences. I am sorry. But Harry will help you remember. I promise that you will remember again”, he says.

You swallow something. They can’t tell you anything, though they know so much about you. You get a huge feeling of anger. “Why can’t you tell me anything?”, you nearly shout. The doctor looks surprised at you.

Harrys view:
I look down at the floor where my tears are painting small wet dots. I can’t believe it.
‘Don’t you remember me?’, my own voice sounds in my head. ‘No’, her voice answers. She does not remember me. The sentence keep shouting In my head.

A hand lies on my shoulder. “Tell me everything”, a well known voice says. I raise up and hugs him, even before looking at him.

“Louis she doesn't remember a thing. Nothing. She doesn't remember me”, I cry down to his shoulder. He hugs me and rubs my back. Then he carefully pushes me away a bit to look me in the eyes. He looks shocked.

“Harry.. Is this true? Oh god”, he whispers. Then the doctor suddenly comes down the corridor. I hush to remove my tears. He looks seriously at me.

“Harry we have thought about it and we know how to make her remember. As Emilys fiancé you are the one who we think can help her”, he says slowly.

“She will live in your apartment as always. You gotta help her remember. But there is just one thing. You can’t tell her about your engagement. You will..”, he says and sighs. “You will have to start over on your relationship. Then we will choose when you can tell her about it. But maybe it will be never. Your relationship are starting over. Sorry”, he says.

It feels like a hit in the face. “S..start over?”, I get out. “Oh god”, I add. “I am sorry Harry but we are afraid that she will get a huge shock if you tell her. And we don’t know what that will do to her. Maybe she will come in a coma because of it and then we will not know when she can wake up. If you will help her, then you have to be brave and patient. I am sorry but that is what it takes. Will.. Will you do this for her?”, he asks.

I don’t have to think about it. I nod. “Of course. I love her”. The doctor nods and walks into the room where Emily is. Louis smiles encouraging at me. I smile back the best I can. We sit there and wait for a little while. Then we here Emily scared voice, shouting.

Emilys view:
Harry comes running into the room all of sudden followed by another guy. The other guy is wearing a striped shirt and some black trousers. He has brown hair and a nice face.

“What is wrong?”, Harry asks with big eyes. The doctor looks at him. Then at you again.

“Emily I am sorry but you have to accept it. In fact you are going out of here in less than an hour”, he says with an apologetic smile. You nod. You can’t wait to get out of here. You look at Harry.

“Can we leave this place now?”, you ask. He looks surprised at you. Then he nods and looks questioningly at the doctor.

“Can we leave?”, he asks. The doctor nods.

"But you have to keep us updated about the memories", he says. 


Hej Allesammen!

Så kom det næste kapitel :)

Jeg håber at det var nogenlunde...

Hvad tror i der sker nu? Vil Thea nogensinde huske igen?...

Hvis i kan lide den indtil videre, ville det være mega optur hvis i ville like den ;D

Knus fra Nanna



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