Last First Kiss

A Love Story...............
Sequel To Forever And Always


1. Wedding Bells!!!!

Cheyenne's Pov.

"AAhh, Lou!!" I screamed. "Sorry babe, I couldn't help it." He laughed. I was in the kitchen, with the radio up really loud. I was singing and dancing to Rock Me. I didn't hear him come in. He had quietly came in and came up behind me and grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder. "How dear you!" trying not to laugh. "Down boy down. Put me down." Lou didn't put me down."Louis William Tomlinson, put me down right now!" i said still trying hard not to laugh. "Sorry you just look so damn sexy." I looked down and realize I was cooking in nothing but my panties, and one of Lou's many large T-shirts. "Haha well, I can't help I was dropped in a pool of sexy." I busted out laughing. "Come on Sexy." Lou said leading me to the stairs. "Wait I stove still on!" I run back in the kitchen and turn it off. I was going to put the food away. When Lou picked me up in his strong arms bridal style. I kinda screamed a bit, But Lou just laughed. "Hey we can't do this now, we gotta finish planning the wedding." I said, "And by finish I mean start." I said pointing a finger at him. "Awww but baby, can't we do that later?" He said baby like, " I mean I just got home and I want to spend some alone time with my soon to be wife." He finished still acting like a baby. "Cheyenne Gretchen Tomlinson," I said while sighing. "Mrs. Cheyenne Gretchen Tomlinson." He corrected me. "Okay I guess we can do it later." I said I couldn't resist those Big blue eyes. "YAY!!!" Lou screamed to the top of his lungs. While racing to the stairs with me still in his arms. He ran up the stairs again with me in his arms. i almost forgot how strong he was. He kicked open the door to our bed room. Of our new house. We just moved in a few weeks ago. There is still some boxes laying around the house.

When we got in our new bedroom in our new house. Lou and I got under the covers, and you can guess what happens next.....

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