Last First Kiss

A Love Story...............
Sequel To Forever And Always


3. The Planning Begins.

Lou's Pov.

"Aww I don't wanna get up!" I told Cheyenne. "Well ya gotta, the boys and everyone are down stairs." Chey said in the soft but rough American-country girl acsent that i love. "So?!" I said kinda snappy. Chey just sighed and walked out of the bedroom. I heard hushed talking from the hall. But I didn't care I was not getting up. Then I heard some heavy footsteps come up the stairs, and into the bedroom. I just snuggled back down all the way in the covers. Then all of a sudden, a very cold slap hit me, I ignored it. "Come on man, get up!" I heard someone say in a very strong Bradford acsent. "No, Zayn!" I scream in my pillow. "Okay you leave us no choice," Zayn said in response."AAAAHHH WHAT THE HELL!!!!!" All of a sudden again I felt a cold slap but it was even colder and I felt what I thought were ice cubes. And ice cold water. I jumped out of bed and everyone was laughing. Cheyenne, being the one laughing the hardest. I turn and say to her, "Shay, you think that's funny huh?" I turned and grabbed some ice cubes that were on the bed, put them behind my back while she continued to laugh I walked up to her smiled, kissed her and pulled her shirt so I had a hold of her camasaw. And I shoved the ice cubes down her camasaw. "AAHHH!!! LOUIS!!" She screamed. "Now you know how I felt!" We all started laughing.

Cheyenne's Pov.

"AAHHH!!! LOUIS!!" I screamed when he shoved ice cubes down my camasaw. "Now you know I felt!" Lou replied back to my scream. We all started laughing. "Now can we start the planning?" Said Kayleigh a little excited. "Sure." Lou answered her. "Great okay Kayleigh is going to take Cheyenne dress shopping. And I'm going to take Louis suit shopping. Niall, Liam, Zayn, you coming?" Harry said barking out orders. "Sure," Ni said, "Of course Hazza," Liam answered, "Bye babe," Zayn said while kissing Perrie good-bye. "Bye Chey Chey," Lou whispered in my hear, before kissing me. Oh who I hate that name but it was cute how he said it. "Bye Honey!" I said in response. Oh I am so happy to finally be getting married to that cute goofball.


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