Last First Kiss

A Love Story...............
Sequel To Forever And Always


4. The Planning Begins Part 2

Kayleigh's Pov'

"Let's go Cheyie!" My nickname for Cheyenne, "Coming Lei Lei," Cheyie's nickname for me. "Okay Kayleigh which dress shop are we going to next?" Wisha asked from the back seat. "Umm how about we go to the shoppe right up the street first?" Perrie asked then continued, "They have some amazing wedding dresses there." "And then we can go to the next shoppe over," Dani added then continued also, "they also have some very awesome bridesmaid dresses there." "Okay, let's go!" I said turning the key, so the car would start. I wonder how the guys are doing at the tuxedo shop.


(sorry this chapter was so short I went to the library to get wifi, and now I gotta leave for karate)

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