Last First Kiss

A Love Story...............
Sequel To Forever And Always


2. Okay Here's A Update On Everyone. (Not A Chapter)

Harry is now married to Kayleigh.

They have a daughter named Darcy.

Harry is 30, Kayleigh is 32, and Darcy is 4.


Zayn is now married to Perrie.

They have a son named Zack.

And a daughter named Marie.

Zayn is 31, Perrie is 31, Zack is 10, and Marie is 9.


Liam is now married to Dani.

They have a daughter named Jazmine.

Liam is 33, Dani is 32, and Jazmine is 13.


Niall is now married to Wisha.

They have twins.

Son Hunter, and daughter Holly.

Niall is 32, Wisha is 32, Hunter is 15, and Holly is 15.


Louis and Cheyenne are getting married.

Louis in 35, and Cheyenne is 34.

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