The Awful Life that i live.

Juliet doesn't live the best life. She was always bullied especially in high school. And she doesn't even know why. She never did anything wrong. But her life takes a twist once she goes to England and discovers that some one actually loves her for her. But will she love him like he loves her.? Nobody ever loved her. But this time its for real. Every Time someone told her that they love her. She always believed it.. but it always ended up horrible... But what will happen with this love. ??


5. The Only Thing I Live For


"Hey baby" i say sitting down on a bench in the park.

"Hey mommy."

"Hey baby girl.. how have you been"


"I miss you"

"miss you too"

"I wish you could be here with me.."

"Me too. mommy.. guess what?"


"I met a new friend."

"really.. aww thats great"

"yeah. i like playing with her."

"of course you do baby. you always were a nice and playful little girl." i laugh.


"yes Katherine"

"I love you"

"i love you too.. can you give the phone to your auntie."

"Bye.. mommy i love you"

"bye sweet heart i love you too" .. i hear katherine call for her aunt..

"Hey Juliet. how have you been?"

"Great.. you?"

"awesome Katherine has been great.. "

"Ohh thats good"

"Yeah.. oh and she keeps asking for her dad.. and i dont know what to tell her.. i just tell her that he's with you"

"She's asked about Max.?"

"Yeah.. she keeps saying that she loves him. and that he loves you" i was really upset. She hasn't seen Max in like 4 months. she's 2 years old. and she remembers him so well. for a little girl her age. yes. i got pregnant when i was 15. she was born 2 years ago on April 22. . and yes. Max is her father. And no it wasn't by force. i actually loved him then.

"juliet you there"

"oh yea... ugh. i didnt think much when i broke up with him. i didnt she would remember him.."

"but she still does. She just wishes for both of you to get back together"

"Meg. you know that is never going to happen. . not for what he did to me."

" i know. . but you and max need to think about it.. for katherine."

"i guess. i'll talk to him about it. sometime soon.. i got to go meg. talk to you later"

"k. bye."

"bye" i hung up the phone and turned around to see no other than Niall standing there

"You have a daughter?" he asks. . 

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