The Awful Life that i live.

Juliet doesn't live the best life. She was always bullied especially in high school. And she doesn't even know why. She never did anything wrong. But her life takes a twist once she goes to England and discovers that some one actually loves her for her. But will she love him like he loves her.? Nobody ever loved her. But this time its for real. Every Time someone told her that they love her. She always believed it.. but it always ended up horrible... But what will happen with this love. ??


3. Ow

My Pov

"Ohh, sorry" I walked out the elevator. What was that all about. I'm so glad that I haven't seen him in a while and I'm so glad I'm here in England where he is no where near me. I walked outside. It was warm. It's not what I expected it to be. From all I heard, people always said it was cold. Which way should I go.? I thought for a second. Let me go right. I pulled out my phone and searched for a park. Oh there's one like less than a mile away. I walked around the corner. I don't even remember now and why we broke up. And then it hit me. I loved him so much and he was my first love. But that son of a bitch raped me. Yes, we did it more tan once but one night. We had come home from the bar cause we finally got out of 11th grade and both of us including some of out friends decided to go out to a club. We had so much fun, we danced the whole night and drank a lot. But I didn't drink as much. While I only drank 1 cup of a strawberry margarita they drank more than 12 cups of whatever they decided to drink. And I had to take them home. But at the time my parents had gone to vacation in Alaska and I was alone at out beach house in Tampa, Florida. I dropped him of at his house and I helped him inside and into his bedroom. I laid him down on his bed. I turned around and walked towards the door. When he came up right behind me and covered my mouth."Babe stay with me I need you.. I want you" I removed his hand. "Hun your drunk and it's really late you need some sleep." "Stop being a bitch and love me like you've never loved me before." He turned me around and started kissing my neck. "Babe stop.!" I yelled pushing him away. He was drunk so he quickly fell towards the floor. When he got up. Without thinking slapped me across my face. He slapped me with all his force and I passed out. The next morning. I found myself on his bed. It was cold that morning, the sun was shining through the windows. I laid there. Tears ran down my cheeks. I got up from the bed and began to redress myself. As I did. I noticed brusies on my arms. What did he do to me. I didn't even want to know. As i put on my shirt I felt him come up from behind, he kissed my cheek. I turned around. I looked at him with disgust. "What.!?" He walked closer to me. I stepped back. "How could you?" Tears were now running down my cheeks.

"I'm sorry"

"No! w're Through.! I cant take it.!" I turned around and walked out his room

"Hold up.! What did I ever do to you!?!" Of course he was drunk, he wouldn't remember anything.

"You weren't thinking.!! You basically fucked raped me.!" 

"I would've remembered.!!"

"No, you wouldn't have.! It's over Max.! I'm done.!!" I ran out the door without letting him say a word. 

(Back to reality)

I was jogging through the park. No matter how hard I tried. I wasn't able to forget those moments. I spent with him. It's been over for about a year and a half. Ugh stop thinking about that. I tell myself. I sighed and now walked. I and my headphones on, listening to The Wanted. The volume wasn't on full blast. When I heard someone Yell "Watch Out.!" I ignored. I don't think I was suppose to when, someone fell right on me. making both of us fall on the grass. I pulled my headphones out.

"Oww.!!" I say

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