The Awful Life that i live.

Juliet doesn't live the best life. She was always bullied especially in high school. And she doesn't even know why. She never did anything wrong. But her life takes a twist once she goes to England and discovers that some one actually loves her for her. But will she love him like he loves her.? Nobody ever loved her. But this time its for real. Every Time someone told her that they love her. She always believed it.. but it always ended up horrible... But what will happen with this love. ??


4. My feelings


Louis POV

haha ohh niall. Poor girl.. you fell on her. me and the lads ran towards them. Niall kept apologizing over and over again. "It's okay" she says. we helped them up. "are you okay?" i ask the girl "yeah.. just that was unexpected" she smiled .ahh. she was cute. "Hey, I'm Harry" he says giving her his hand. Ohh here we go again. "Umm.. Hi i'm juliet" they shock hands." Ohh, this is Zayn, Liam, and Louis" harry says pointing to each one of us as he says each of our names." and you already meet Niall" she laughed. ohh god harry was checking her out. she wasnt ugly but no.. he just meet her. "Uhh i got to go" she says. "No.! i mean why?" Harry says. she laughed. and so did everyone else. "Well, i promised my friend i would be back by dinner." she answers. "Babe. its only 3:00 pm" Harry says. she had a confused look" did you just call me babe?" she says. "Ohh your not from here" Harry says. "Duh.! Harry, she has a spanish accent" Zayn says. "So your from spain.?" Harry asks. "Yeah. but i spent half of my life in america" "ohh" "yeah so i guess i should get going." she says walking away. "Bye, you guys" she says waves. "Wait. what.?" Harry says. She had walked pretty far by the time he realized she was gone. He rushed ofter her. "Ugh.. well then. while Harry's over there talking to Juliet. Let's go back and continue Playing." they all agreed and we walked back to the picnic area.

Harry's POV

"Wait Juliet come back" i yelled. she stopped walking and turned around. "uh.. what do you want Harry?" she asks. "Why did you leave so soon" I ask. "Harry i got to go" she says turning around. I pulled her arm. "ooo. I'm sorry, but please stay" i begged. "You know what lets exchange numbers and ill call you later on today. okay" "Okay" she smiled and we pulled out out phones and exchanged numbers. "Oh can you give me Uh... Niall's number?" she asks giving me my phone back."ohh sure just let me take a picture with you first" i say. "Uh. isn't it suppose to be the other way around?" "What do you mean?" "Aren't i suppose to ask you" "Why?" "Uhh. probably because your the celebrity here" Nah, well you're going to be the celebrity right now." 

Juliet's POV

he gave me a cheeky smile "Uh huh" "just take the picture with me" i moved closer to him, as i did he placed his hand on my waist. which made me feel uncomfortable, but i just ignored it. "Smile for the camera babe" Harry Says. i smiled *click* "come on another one" "Fine" and next thing i knew it. Right before the camera took the picture. He kissed me on my cheek. Right near my lips. and I'm pretty sure he did kiss me right there. He face me my phone "Uh" was all i could say . "Bye babe ill text you" he turned around and walked away. i turned around and kep walking without stopping,. I looked through the pictures. We actually looked pretty good together. Wait. what am i saying. 

Niall's POV

I don't know what i was thinking. she would end up being with Harry. well that's what i thought from the way she was looking at him. i was to busy thinking about her to realize that lads were talking to me. "Niall!?" you there dude" Louis asks. I blanked out of it. Huh" "are you okay mate?" Liam asks. "he's fine.. he just cant get Juliet out of his head" Louis laughs. "Shut up" i smile. 

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