The Awful Life that i live.

Juliet doesn't live the best life. She was always bullied especially in high school. And she doesn't even know why. She never did anything wrong. But her life takes a twist once she goes to England and discovers that some one actually loves her for her. But will she love him like he loves her.? Nobody ever loved her. But this time its for real. Every Time someone told her that they love her. She always believed it.. but it always ended up horrible... But what will happen with this love. ??


1. Hey, I'm Juliet

Hey.!!  Well let me just tell you a little about myself. Well let me see. My name is Juliet. Juliet  Anex and I'm 18 and am currently living in Miami, Florida alone. And I'm currently struggling... with like everything. I have.. really no friends except 1.. Kate. We've known each other since kindergarten and she's stayed with me through all the Bullshit that Iv'e gone through. Everyone hates me and the worst thing is that it went to far. I recently graduated from High School a couple of months ago. And I'm just so happy cause i wouldn't know what I would have done if i would have stayed at that place. I don't know What i ever did wrong. Yes, if you're wondering if i ever get Jumped, Beaten, taken to jail/ juvie. Then yes. I once got into a fight with this girl in my senior year. But she deserve it. She called me a whore just because her boyfriend was "Supposedly" flirting with me when he wasn't. We were just talking about our project. And I ended up beating her and spending a week in juvie since I only was 17 at the time. And yeah. But i started going to college and its going alright. It's only been like about 2 days and I'm already going to England for and Assignment . I'm studying photography and arts. So this is where it all starts. Oh if you want to know how I look like. Well i have light brown hair with blue and red highlights in the front. I'm 5'4, I'm somewhat Tan but not really even thought like i live right across from the beach. And i do have a Spanish accent since i was born in Spain. And i have gray green eyes with a hint of yellow. Okay going this is where it starts....

Where did i leave my keys.!?! My bags were beside my apartment door. I grabbed my Frappocino from the refrigerator. Hmm. I sat down on my couch. When all of a sudden,  felt something. What did i sit on.?? I got up. Really.? To my surprise my keys were on the couch. I grabbed them and walked over to the door and grabbed my suitcases. I locked my door and walked down to the lobby.  "Juliet.!!" i stopped when i heard my name. I turned to see Kate. " Hey.!!" "Are you ready to go.?" "Yeah, come on i think the taxi's here"  Ohh yeah, ... okay i think i'm good. .. lets go" she says grabbing her stuff. "Wohh, England here we come.!" We both yell as we sit down in the car. Ohh man I hope this goes well. Come on lets England be better than Miami. Please. ._.

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