The Awful Life that i live.

Juliet doesn't live the best life. She was always bullied especially in high school. And she doesn't even know why. She never did anything wrong. But her life takes a twist once she goes to England and discovers that some one actually loves her for her. But will she love him like he loves her.? Nobody ever loved her. But this time its for real. Every Time someone told her that they love her. She always believed it.. but it always ended up horrible... But what will happen with this love. ??


2. FlashBack.?!

Niall's POV 'Haha Harry. I told you you, you would'nt get it." I say laughing while Louis and Harry get up. Yeah, they tried to get the remote from each other. "Okay, so i guess we're watching Futbol, now"Harry says sitting down on the couch beside me. "For sure"Louis laughs. "What do you guys want to eat?" Liam asks grabbing his keys. "Hmm... I want pizza" I answer "of course" Zayn says walking into the living room. We were at Zayn's flat so yeah. Ï dont know, but i want to go to the park and play actual futbol" Louis says turning off the T.V "Thank God, you turned that off"Harry says. Its not that he doesn't like futbol, he just wanted to watch some show.. i forgot what it was called.  "Shut up"Louis says jumping on top of him.  "Ahh.! " "Come on let's go then" i quickly got up since i was starving. "Yahh."Louis yells getting up.

Juliet's POV  "Thanks"i sat to the person who was at the fron desk "What's the room numer?"Kate asks "723" I answer. we walked towards the elevator and went pushed the 12th floor button. The doors opened. There were 3 hallways. "Umm.. lets go this way" I say walking forward. "720, 721, 722, 724" "Wait. what.?"i say "just kiddding 723 is right here.""Ohh good"i grabbed the key and opended the door. "Here it is.. our room" i say putting my bags down. I sighed. ""There is nothing to do here..... I want to go for a walk."I say. "Where at. Exactly"Kate says.  "Umm i have no clue, but i'll find a park, somewhere"i walked over to one of the rooms and changed into athletic shorts and a tank top. I put on my running shoes, grabbed my IPOD and walked out of "my " room. I grabbed a scrunchie from my purse and tied my hair."Okay, O'm off, see you in a bit" I say to Kate "so you're just going to walk around the city, that you've only been at for like an hour"Kate says grabbing her luggage and taking it to her room "umm.. basically"i laugh. "Well, okay then go ahead its 2:00 pm so you should go before  I eat without you"she said. "Ha-ha very funny"I say. I bent over and tied my shoe "I'll be back then in just a few"I say. "K, then bye""Bye" I closed the door behind me as I stepped out of our hotel room. As I walk down towards the elevator I tie my hair again. I press  the button to go back down to the 1st floor Beep 

As the doors open, I realize 2 guys were in ther as well. One was my age i think but the other was like 25 or something but he was talking on the phone so I didnt pay enough attention to him.. But the kid who looked my age. Reminded me of someone.  I steped inside and stood beside one of them. When all of a sudden....//////////....../////////////............/////////////////

"Max Stop.!!"I yell "Shut up. and just let yourself go"he says pushing me towards the wall. He moves his lips down towards my neck. I tried to push him away. I didn't want this. Well not right now anyways. But i couldnt he was just stronger than me. Obviosuly. I was really skinny and i didnt weight as much and he was muscular so how could i push him away.  "Juliet.!! donyou love me"he asks still kissing me "I . I guess"So I did what he told me to "Ugh.!  Your not letting me enjoy this like i want to" He stops and leaves his hands on the wall and looks at the floor. "Juliet.!! if you dont do this right i will have to do this by force.!" "What.!?" "So do as i say" he starts kissing me again. He slowly bean to unbutton my buttoned up shirt. As he did i just looked straight forwards. How could I possibly be doing this rigth now. I felt a sudden pain on my face. "Juliet.!!"-------------------------------------------------/////////////////////////////////////////////////////---------------------------------------------------------

"Umm.. mam... are you getting off" The older man says. I return into reality. WTF.! was that.!!!!

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