Love has endings

Can love change everything? Not in Emily's eyes. She doesn't believe in all that mooshy stuff. She thinks that love has no meaning. Love always has endings she thinks but when she meets Zayn Malik, he changes her world. She cares about her and she doesn't notice. She sets her mind onto one thing which is singing. Thats what she always does and Zayn falls in love instantly but he always doesn't get what he wants. Love has endings <3

HIIIII!!!! Thank you for selcting this romance story!! Please leave comments telling me what you think!!!! and please read my other story Broken thank you again!!!!
JennXXX :)


2. To much confidence?

Emily's POV

It has been two weeks since I visited the recording studio. I didn't want to go back there because I got pushed around like I was nothing. People made my life a living hell their and I got raped! Like seriously............ Zayn and I haven't seen each other since that one visit. I didn't care since he WAS famous and I was basically nothing. I didn't make a difference in the world and I used to get over that by singing but now singing has no effect on me. I lost my voice and I wasn't allowed to sing for a MONTH and I could barely talk so I couldn't stand up for myself. Well isn't life awesome?!

I sighed and sat back down on the porch swing. I moved a little and stared at the sun setting. It was a perfect moment for me because I felt relaxed. I wanted to sing with my playing iPod but my stupid voice is gone.
I ran my fingers through my hair and put in a pony tail. I pulled the blanket over my arms and just enjoyed this moment.

Zayn's POV

The boys said their goodbyes then left my flat in London. I don't know why but Emily was in my mind. I only knew her for 3 minutes and she was all I thought about. I guess it was love at first sight because I wanted her to be mine. But I look for her everyday at the recording studio but she never shows up. It's strange if you ask me but I don't know. I just want to find her and make her mine. But I guess I have to wait. Maybe destiny didn't want her in my life? But destiny can change. Right?

I pulled on a pair of dark jeans on and a black t shirt so I could go take a walk. I felt like I needed one. I grabbed my keys and phone and left the small flat. The wind blew and made contact with my freshly shaven face. I kicked the different coloured leaves while I walked down the sidewalk. I loved fall. It was my favorite time of the year because the weather calmed me. I don't know why but it did. I took a left on the corner and saw a little house with a porch swing creaking. It was a cute little house. A house you see in one of those movies in the country side. A weird place to put this house in the city. I saw the brown hair flow with the wind and that's when I noticed the girls bracelet. It was a infinity sign and Emily had one exactly like it. I walked through the dead grass and over to where the girl sat. Her music played softly and I walked over to her.
"Emily?" The girl turned her head to look at me and her face lit up.
"Zayn." She croaked out. Her voice was really raspy.
"Everything okay?"
"No. I lost my voice and Im not allowed to sing."
"Shhhh. Don't speak then. You will just damage your voice more if you talk." She nodded her head and patted the spot next to her. I sat down next to her. My mood then changed into something I can't describe. I've been looking for her and now she is sitting beside me. But sad part is, she can't speak to me. Her voice really did sound damaged and I felt bad for her voice.
"How did you do this to your voice?"
I asked and handed her my phone that was onto notes. She typed something and handed me my phone back.
'I guess I sang to a level that I couldn't sing then my voice creaked. That's when I couldn't sing without hurting my voice. So I can't sing for a while or speak. But I'm going to the doctor and she said if its doing better then hopefully I can speak but it will take a while before I can sing again :('

"Wow I'm so sorry. I guess your voice couldn't handle the note you were singing." She nodded her head.
"What are you doing this Friday?" I asked with so much confident that it scared me. It just slipped out of my mouth. She shook her head.
"Can I take you on a date?"
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