Down On The Beach

Down on the beach watching the sun rise. Looking at all the cute guys. Picking up seashells. Drinking a big glass of drink.


1. Down On The Beach

Down on the beach

With the palm trees blowing

A big cool glass of drink

With a big price on it


The sun is hot

Yet everyone looks cool

Shades all on

The power of summer


Girls with tiny bathing suits

Guys in their trunks

Girls wanting to look

Just to have a feel


Music is playing

Lovers are swaying

Hear the beat

Down on the beach


Ice melting

Ice cream so smooth

A little dimple

A big smile


Waves so big

They catch you up

What fun it is

Down on the beach


A body here a body there

All wrapped up like a bear

Fingers together

Tracing about


Watching the surf

Watching the boats

See the birds as they fly

Down at the beach

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