Taking Steps

Richelle Mead has finally gone underway with signing a contract to turn her wonderful Vampire Academy series into film. Six months later, everything is all set, everything but the female lead character: Rose Hathaway. Just as they were about to despair about the possibility of having to cancel the project, Director Carlisle Blake makes a decision which will change teenage girl Tamara Knight's life. Carlisle Blake decides to go on a scout along with various members involved with the project and their search ends in the streets of London.


1. Prologue


"Look at that! They're auditioning for the parts of the Vampire Academy series! They're finally going to make a movie out of the book! Just think of all the hot guys!" girls screamed as they read the magazine.

"Hey Karen, you're going to audition right?" Amy nudged the blonde girl.

"I don't know, I mean, it seems really scary and the film will probably be really hard…" Karen shook her head uncertainly.

"Oh come on, you've got to go to the auditions. I've already signed you up for it! There's no way for you not to go."

"You already paid for the audition fees?!" Karen all but screamed.

"It wasn't that much." Amy shook her head vigorously.

"Well I can't not go now can I? I mean, you've already paid." Karen sighed.

The atmosphere in the conference room was heavy and tense. The Director and the author Richelle Mead sat around the table with a couple of other staff members. They were all frowning over the auditions list and cast list. Faces of girls stared up at them from the pages and all of them had red crosses over them.

"It's been three months since our first auditions and we still haven't found anyone suitable for Rosemarie's part!" the Director grumbled setting the pages down on the mahogany table. "This is ridiculous, we've auditioned every state and town in the last three months and not a single one of these girls have inspired us."

"We cannot do this without the main character. The secret relationship between Rose and Dimitri is something the girls like and a valuable attribute to the series especially later on." Richelle Mead sighed in exasperation. "Their relationship is essential."

"We're going to have to place this project on hold I'm afraid until we find a suitable girl to play Rose's part. Surely there must be someone in the world who can do it. We'll do a tour to look around, we'll go hunting, anything is better than cancelling the project since I have a feeling that it would work out really well."

"Shall we bring the already selected actors and actresses along?" one of the staff members asked.

"If any of them want to come tell them they can think of this as a free holiday. The company shall pay for it," the Director nodded. "We're going to need all the help we can get."

"Where shall we start the hunt?"

"The streets of London," the Carlisle grinned.

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