this is the diary of the late larissa mckormac of brunel avenue's 1257 all female orphanage. It is dusty, dirty and painful staying in this place where they are lucky to be fed and watered, until a kidnapper takes a girl from under the administrators very noses, the diary takes you just a few houses down the road from the orphanage in the hands of larissa and gives you her story of what it's like and after all she is not the only one.......what happened on your street?


1. locked up

June 14th 1257

dear diary

today was such hard work, i had to scrub the whole of the outside of the orphanage including up the drainpipe. it was terrible and then you know miss nasty boots trudging along inspecting my work, of course she found the only flaw in my work - i didn't clean the droppings off the side of the pipe very well. so now i am here, writing this entry, in my room (i say my but i mean the one i share with 8 other girls). the day started off well, we got fed only some bread and milk but still it was food because by now we were wasting away

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